Enjoy culinary Excellence

We know that healthy eating is essential to your holistic wellbeing and personal enjoyment. That is why our Stegersbach restaurant offers local, fresh products and an exquisite food selection selected for their regenerating properties.

Restaurant IMAGO

At the IMAGO restaurant of Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach you compose your own menu - based on the recommendations of our head chef, personal preferences or requirements connected to your health.

Gartenrestaurant &
Living Lounge

Regard the SPA Bistro as well as the Living Lounge as our centers of delight! Spaces, creative and full of contrast just like the selection of dishes itself: sweet and salty, light and perfect.

Atrium Bar

In the evenings, you get to enjoy the fine selection of wines, whiskey and gin at our Atrium Bar.


A great team consisting of creative cooks endeavors to surprise our guest every day: Pannonian.Asian.Mediterranean.

A significant part of our cooking team have their origin in the Pannonian area (South-Burgenland, Est-Styria, West-Hungary) and so they have all grown up with these flavours and traditional dishes.

Regular training is held by a professional sushi master so that our team can present an extraordinary interpretation of Asian food.

It’s hardly surprising that our chef holds a home advantage for the Mediterranean kitchen as he is married to an Italian and lived in Italy for many years, serving delicious “il pranzo e la cena”.