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Are you planning your well-deserved holiday in one of the Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences? Don't forget to complete the right travel insurance, so you can relax during your holiday.

Description Travel cancellation insurance without deductible Cancellation and travel insurance Premium Corona
Travel cancellation insurance
Travel interruption insurance
Deductible assumption
Return travel protection -
Travel Accident Insurance -
Travel health insurance -
Baggage Insurance -
Emergency Insurance -
Travel Liability Insurance -
Delay protection - -
Changeover protection - -
Travel Assistance Insurance - -
Corona additional protection
- Arranged domestic isolation
- Refusal of carriage by authorised third parties
- Refusal of accommodation
- -


Choose your travel insurance with our partner Hansemerkur

Travel curtailment cover without deductible

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Cancellation & Travel Insurance Cover

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Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences Careers Adults Only

Premium Corona

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Please note that your individual insurance premium is calculated on the basis of your travel data including the travel price.

Information & Contact

Regarding damage reports please reach out to the Hansemerkur team:

Telephone: +43 1 3177 859

Email: reiseleistung@hansemerkur.at


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