The motto is very clear - climate-friendly, sustainable and permanently fresh from the garden. In the five-star adult resort in Stegersbach in southern Burgenland, guests can experience Austria's largest hotel-owned permaculture garden with all their senses.


One with nature


The term “permaculture” is in keeping with the spirit of the times and describes a careful approach to nature, the protection of the environment and the sustainable design and use of the land. In keeping with the health-conscious and nature-loving DNA of the Balance Resort, the garden fits perfectly into the hotel's holistic health promise.

Our Philosophy

The garden serves for the partial self-sufficiency of the hotel with fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, spices and much more. and thus pursues a CO2-friendly zero-kilometer philosophy. Combined with the regional product focus of the Balance Resort, the Permagarten offers guests a climate-friendly holiday experience with exquisite health cuisine that is second to none.

Vine, fruit and berry hedges and a wild fruit hedge not only offer shady places to linger, but also a place of retreat and breeding ground for birds and hedgehogs. The harvest of elderflower and berries, dirndls, crawlers, hazelnuts and much more is in the future. planned. For this purpose, bee colonies will be settled, which will in future produce the hotel's own honey.

natural oasis

It is the diversity that makes the permaculture garden so special. In addition to the ecological and culinary aspect, the garden serves as a natural oasis of peace and relaxation. A place where you recharge your batteries, forget about time and admire nature in its unforgettable grace - a place where you understand how easy it is to just be.

The sensory garden with natural stone seats enchants with wild flowers and fragrant Mediterranean herbs. The adjoining flower garden promises concentrated “flower power”. This is not only a retreat for our guests, but also an important habitat for bees, butterflies and birds. The organic flowers and herbs growing there are also used in our spa treatments or pamper you in our homemade teas. Close your eyes and enjoy the scent of the garden, the silence and the harmony with nature.