Acquapura SPA

Carefree wellness moments in Burgenland

Water, the element of life, is the source of inspiration and the basis for the shapes and colours that are found in the Falkensteiner Acquapura Spa. It represents deceleration and the rediscovery of one's own strengths. Everything flows together harmoniously here and provides the perfect retreat for all your senses. 

Activity and regeneration go hand in hand perfectly at the Balance Resort Stegersbach - with its holistic and extraordinary lifestyle concept, the premium wellness hotel in southern Burgenland presents its guests with the perfect combination of pure enjoyment, new physical experiences, relaxation and deceleration.


2 outdoor infinity pools (heated all year round)

2 indoor pools, spacious sauna area

outdoor sauna area with a unique experience hot tub

relaxation & lounge area on 2 floors

 first-class massage & beauty treatments

spacious fitness & workout area

Swimming pool at Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach

Holistic wellness & SPA concept

Acquapura SPA - wellness & water world

Idyllic tranquillity, rolling hills, invigorating forests and natural luxury that eliminates stress and everyday worries. Immerse yourself in a world of water and wellness in the middle of sunny southern Burgenland, simply let go and experience an "I totally forgot the time" moment.

The Acquapura SPA fulfils the desire for deep relaxation and uninterrupted enjoyment - a spacious feel-good retreat with two infinity pools, and a luxurious sauna area, plus treatments from the natural Pharmos Green Luxury collection and exquisite Anne Semonin French beauty line with "made to measure" treatments. 

My balance - Health & Prevention

The Balance Resort has a very clear goal - to combine luxury holidays with health and wellness. In short - a sustainable partner in our guests' lives and a place of peace and retreat. Be it for a longer regenerating stay or a short trip over the weekend to recharge your batteries.


Only a comprehensive treatment experience can truly round off a wellness stay. If you are looking for unique treatment experiences, then the Balance Resort is the right place for you. Our premium hotel specialises in soothing massages, refreshing beauty treatments, heavenly baths and body treatments. 

Metabolic Balance®

Lose weight in a healthy and maintainable manner with the support of Metabolic Balance©, the unique metabolic plan created by Dr. Wolf Funfack.

A holistic way of losing weight on professional level

For over 10 years now, we help our guests to gain more energy and a positive awareness of life. Our doctor, our sports scientists and our trained kitchen staff offer you a holistic program and metabolic delights, in order to reach their individual goals.

Your personal Metabolic Balance® eating plan includes lots of fruit and vegetables, with meat, fish and poultry providing culinary variety. The combination of your personalized diet plan with some special nutritional rules allows your insulin level to rise more slowly, thus eliminating sudden cravings. A specially trained team of experts is always available at the Balance Resort Stegersbach to provide you with personal and specialist support as you move toward achieving your metabolic balance.

Fitness & Sport

Sport can also slow you down. Exercise, work out and really challenge your body - but the feeling afterwards is indescribable.

If you don't want be without sport or want to try something new on vacation, Stegersbach is the place for you. Throughout the year, the Thermenwelt Burgenland and the facilities directly in the hotel offer you plenty of opportunities for sporting activities. Sometimes gentle and relaxing, sometimes demanding.

In addition to the daily changing program of activities in the hotel, the Stegersbach region offers a multitude of opportunities for those who are hungry for exercise.


Yoga is a practical philosophy of life that makes you live more consciously and healthily and goes as deeply as you want.

Health prevention. Coping with stress. Just feel good.

Yoga is a traditional Indian technique to get in tune with yourself and your own body. Yoga strengthens coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance, boosts the metabolism, prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system and supports the musculoskeletal system.

Yoga is lifestyle and influences the modern mind and its overload in the hectic and hysteria of the 21st century. Mindfulness and the coordination of breath and movement practice self-awareness and thus create the first prerequisite for changing behavior patterns - if you want to.


Opening Hours

Indoor pools
7 am – 10 pm (Fri. & Sat. until 11.30 pm)

Outdoor pools
7 am – 10 pm (Fri. & Sat. until 11:30 p.m.)

Sauna area and hot tub
from 10 am – 10 pm (Fri. & Sat. until 11:30 p.m.)

Beauty & massage
9 am – 7 pm

Fitness centre
from 6 am – 10 pm

SPA reception
Sunday to Thursday: from 9.30 am – 6 pm
Friday to Saturday: from 9.30 am – 7 pm