Restaurant IMAGO

Dining in the IMAGO restaurant -
exquisite cuisine to suit your personal taste

Despite the wonderful view of the surrounding hilly landscape, you will hardly be able to avert your gaze from the exclusive delicacies in our restaurant. An open show kitchen, in which you can cook à la minute, allows you to participate directly in the masterful preparation of your chosen dishes Depending on your dietary preferences, you can put together your own menu - regardless of whether you lead a vegan lifestyle, have food intolerances or want to indulge in all the different offers.

Our chef is happy to share his personal recommendations with you and explain the extensive range of Pannonian-Asian-Mediterranean cuisine on offer. Inspired by Asian dishes and delicacies from the Mediterranean, our P.A.M.-concept enters into a liaison of local cuisine from the region with international influences. We always cook fresh and seasonal for you and also offer an extensive selection of fine wines and fresh juices as an accompaniment.

Enjoy a top-class culinary evening in our IMAGO restaurant and savor homemade pasta, the straw pig from the farmer next door and sweet delicacies from the local patisserie. 


Daily from 7.00 am until 11.00 am

Daily from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm