Kids in chef hats baking at Falkensteiner Hotels


Is there a future chef hidden inside you? Find out in this course! We will work in small teams and learn a lot about Mediterranean cuisine and sustainability. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular diets in the world and we will discover why this is the case.

Together, we will explore the flavours of Dalmatia. Prosciutto, šokol (an original product prepared in Nin and surrounding places since ancient times), olive oil, plants and vegetables (e.g. rocket, chard, home-grown tomatoes and carrots) as well as herbs and spices (e.g. salt, parsley, oregano and basil), "vegeta", meat from animals raised in our region, and hake - we will try to use these typical products of the region in the preparation of our dishes. Day by day, the complexity of the dishes will increase - from simpler to slightly more complicated preparation.
As our Food & Beverage team follows a "zero waste" concept, we will learn together how to use as many parts of the products as possible in the preparation of a dish.

Available from opening till closing of the hotel

Meeting point: Falkyland reception
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