Falky-Land is a huge colourful world (covering around 800 m²) with a children's play area and water world. Here is everything for a fantastic time. Summertime in Punta Skala's Falky Land will be hotter than ever - and not only the temperature! We greet you with "Welcome to the jungle!"

The Jungle restaurant is just like a safari - sitting among the towering banana plants with the howling monkeys and twittering tropical birds. And it has great food and drink to refill the young ones’ tanks.
Dive into the ball pool like a dolphin into the pacific! Next to the Falky-Pirate ship is an outdoor play area where you can race around from dawn to dusk! YES! Holidays really can be THIS exciting!!!

Falky Land is for children from 3 years of age upwards. As well as a kindergarten with a baby area, there’s a TV room, '1001 nights' children’s disco , a mini Las Vegas with slot machines and computer games, as well as the Wal (soft play area), and a play corner.