New and exciting for children

Relaxing and energising for parents

The renovation of the hotel in 2022 has brought a lot of modern and interesting innovations that will make your family vacation absolutely unforgettable! Especially exciting for our VIP guests, the kids, is our all-new Falky Land, while parents are sure to enjoy the new spa centre with its extensive relaxation area. Thanks to our extended restaurant opening hours, our inspiring new menu and our terrace overlooking the sea, the pools and the islands, every meal will be a delight for the whole family. We have set out to give you more time with your family as well as even more delicious food and exciting programmes - to help you make the most of your family vacation, our Experience Concierge will be happy to assist you with the planning.

Meet Falky!

Our happy and friendly mascot Falky awaits you in all Falkensteiner Family Hotels!

Every time you visit one of the Falkensteiner Hotels with your parents, you will see Falky - your lovable, always smiling friend. You can meet him at the reception, during dinner or in Falky Land, where you can take fun photos with him. Our Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora is one of his favourite places - especially in summer. He has made many friends here, and you know what - this summer he wants YOU to meet them too! You'll meet Zoe, Dr Frederick, Karlie, Magnus, Sally, Otto and Professor Tiefentauch in Falkenstein's new adventure book, in the hotel's activity programme and in the new sticker booklet.


Little seahorse with a big heart

Falky's curious friend Zoey can often be found at Baby Club. This little explorer wants to learn all about different things, and she loves to share what she learns with others. She guides our littlest guests through learning methods of touch, smell and feel. When she's not at Baby Club, she lives under the surface of the sea. If you happen to see her, make sure her sea environment is clean to protect her home, the beautiful Adriatic Sea.


Active and sporty starfish

Where there's sport, you'll find Sally! Always ready for action, always full of energy, always there to guide you through the hotel's activity programme! She'll take you to swimming lessons or play tennis, she'll accompany you to the football or basketball court and explain the importance of spending time outdoors (especially in the sea air!). Sally will be Falky's most eager friend this summer - always on the move, enjoying sports and games.


The best entertainer

The key to a successful holiday is keeping the children happy, and Falky wants all his little guests to be happy, which is why he has chosen Karlie as his entertainer! She brings so much fun, is full of ideas for workshops and is extremely helpful. Karlie is interested in recycling, gardening and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. She cooks waste-free with the children and shows them which local herbs they can use for seasoning. The loving animator will dance with you, go to the cinema, put on a puppet show or make beautiful handmade souvenirs. She will also show you how to use less plastic, eat sustainably, clean the beach, save water and be environmentally conscious. We are sure all the kids will love Karlie!

Professor Tiefentauch

The researcher

Our funny and clumsy, but very clever professor can of course be found in the hotel's new science lab. He will show you how to use solar energy to move objects. On a windy day, he will use the power of the wind to show you how wind farms work. He will explain to the children how the desalination process works in Punta Skala - how we irrigate all the plants in the plant with the desalinated water and in this way protect the sea. If they want, they can even visit the technical station with him! He will also talk to the children about the importance of recycling, reusing and sharing and show them fun experiments such as how to extract salt from the sea or why things float more easily on the sea than on the lake. 

Octopus Otto

The greatest showman

Funny Otto hosts the children's show with Falky's friends, but he also invites you to the new cinema where he shows educational yet entertaining films about endangered species and the importance of marine biology. He is very adept at interactive games with the Falkys and Falkons and teaches kids of different ages a lot about marine life through play.

Dr. Frederick and Magnus

The dynamic duo

Dr. Frederick is here to make sure you are well. In case you feel bad or think you might get ill; he will tell you what to do. He can also show you which sea animals and plants are bad for you and which are good for you. Did you know that there are some sorts of sea algae in the Adriatic Sea, which have healing powers? You can ask dr. Frederick to show you which ones!
And what to tell you about our Magnus, the moray eel? He may not be the most popular of Falky's friends, but he has one important role - he makes sure you and your friends put everything back to place when you finish with playing. Of course, he will help you, don't worry!

How Falky and the Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora are helping to make the world a better place

The key to learning lies in childhood

That's why, when we renovated the Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora, we decided to offer not only a fun but also an educational children's programme focusing on edutainment, the environment, ecology and entertainment. This is what we call Ecotainment in a word! The method is: learn by experiencing and have fun at the same time. With the help of Falky and his new friends, our young guests will learn and understand the importance of sustainability, the threats to the marine ecosystem and the need to preserve and protect it. After leaving the hotel with wonderful memories and new knowledge, they will become little ambassadors and protectors of the Adriatic Sea and the oceans of the world.


Our secret guests

The swallows at the
Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora

Every spring our Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora becomes the temporary home of numerous birds flying back from the far south: The swallows. If you look closely, you will find their nests on our room balconies. The migratory birds are an important part of the resort's sustainability and should help you sleep better. How, you ask? They catch mosquitoes! 
Every autumn they fly to warmer parts of the world, but they always come back in spring. In our fun workshops you will learn more about how the swallows find us without GPS.


Academies and classes

Different academies for all ages and for different interests

Falkensteiner resort Punta Skala is an active resort, so we made sure that besides various play courts and open-air activities, we offer high quality academies and classes, some with professional external partners, to make the best of your sporty summer. But not all of us is into sports, so we organized as much as 10 different academies, with various topics and themes, to meet everyone's needs and wishes. Slide to the left for more information!

Football academy

Train during your summer break with professionals from FK Hannover 96 and FK Austria Wien

Tennis & padel academy

Improve your tennis skills with professionals from TD tennis academy

Horseback riding academy

It is time for new experiences - try horseback riding by the sea!

Cheerleading academy

The 14th-time Austrian cheerleading championship winners will teach you how to cheer for real!

Swimming academy

Wouldn't it be cool to come home and tell all your friends that you learned to swim on holiday? We offer professional children's courses for fun and safety in the water.

Gaming academy

Computers are not just for playing games and since you love it already, why not learn along?

Climbing academy

It takes skills and courage, but you can do it! With the help of our professional instructors!

Science academy

Children of different ages learn about sustainability, solar energy, wind power, desalination and much more in a playful way. Become young environmental ambassadors!

Masterchef class

Preparing dishes yourself is great fun and tastes simply delicious. In this cooking course, useful tips and tricks of the Mediterranean cuisine are passed on by professional cooks.