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Welcome to our exciting STEAM weekends, where a world full of knowledge, games and discoveries awaits young researchers! Here, kids experience an exciting journey through science, technology, engineering and maths. Our aim is to arouse curiosity and develop creativity through interactive activities tailored to the youngest.

"Telescope stargazing workshops" offer participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of astronomy. The "Remote-controlled car racing" workshops, on the other hand, offer a dynamic and exciting experience of technology and teamwork. Here, participants have the opportunity to construct and customise their own remote-controlled model cars and compete against each other. Join us on a journey of discovery where your children can discover the magic of science through play and exploration in the "Tinker Labs", "Robotics" and "VR Academy" workshops. The STEM weekends are specially tailored to children and create a stimulating environment that encourages the desire to learn and explore. See you at the workshops, where every curiosity becomes a new discovery! 

Our dates:

  • 29.3.-31.3.
  • 5.4.-7.4.
  • 3.5.-5.5.
  • 21.6.-23.6.