Claudia Mainau

Claudia Mainau was born in Klosterneuburg and has found her adopted home in southern Burgenland.

Her professional career began as a freelance journalist and later took a different direction from studying medicine than originally planned. The drive for this was her strong desire to be able to help people in difficult situations in their lives. A wish that was made even stronger by her own two-time leukemia. These two events were a big turning point in her life and led to Claudia Mainau's perspectives changing significantly in many areas of her life. It was no longer important to have a career, either at the university hospital or in clinical research, where she worked before her leukemia.

Claudia Mainau decided to put working with people
at the center of her life. Since, as she finds, this can best be achieved as a general practitioner, she started the cycle when she was no longer quite young and completed her training as a general practitioner at the Güssing Hospital.

As often as possible, she spends time in southern Burgenland
with her Labrador dog Cookie and activities such as baking bread, creating Ayurvedic recipes and painting. But she has also remained loyal to writing and is the author of "Yoga Back to Life", a book about yoga for cancer.

In March 2020, Claudia Mainau's latest book
was published with the title "In Balance Despite Cancer" with healing recipes from East and West.