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Oncological aftercare

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Breathe deeply again , feel entirely fine and relax for a long time. Behind you lies a difficult time - you have achieved an incredible amount of physical and mental work. With our holistic post-cancer care programme, we would like to support you on your way back to a positive attitude towards life and your body. The different treatments are based on three principles: increasing immunity, inner well-being and supporting physical recovery. In addition to the actual programme elements, you may let yourself be pampered by the Acquapura SPA area of the Falkensteiner Spa Resort Mariánské Lázně as well as the excellent culinary delights. A mindful and enjoyable journey into your positive future!

  • From 6 nights & full board with our Balance Vitality Cuisine 
  • Once the diagnosis is complete, you can expect 22 carefully selected treatments based on three main pillars:
    1. Boosting immunity: by means of specially selected therapeutic baths, intramuscular vitamin treatment and strengthening of the respiratory system.
    2. Strengthening the musculoskeletal system: includes physiotherapy sessions, physical treatments to strengthen the muscles and connective tissue, and treatments to stimulate the lymphatic system.
    3. Inner well-being: supported by mindfulness exercises, sports and movement therapies and muscle relaxation.

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FROM 290,00 €
*Price per night/room
*Price per night/room