Yoga in the Forest Near Falkensteiner Spa Resort Mariánské Lázně


Earth, air and water -
The nature of Mariánské Lázne as a remedy scientifically researched - proven for centuries

Mariánské Lázne, aswell as other European spas, is one of the birthplaces of modern, scientifically based health tourism. On the one hand, nature offers healing resources such as mineral springs, mud, and free CO2 which are used for curative and preventive treatments. On the other hand, you will find places of tranquility and regeneration in and around the city with lush green parks and surrounding forests. Mariánské Lázne is a source of peace and rejuvenation in the heart of Europe.

Mariánské Lázn Spa Resort

More than 40 mineral springs of different composition and the healing power of natural mud concentrated in thousands of years are the basis of the baths, packs and drinking cures of our spa resort. In addition, the unique Art Deco architecture and the city center with parks, promenades and colonnades are an important part of the 200-year spa tradition in this town. Mariánské Lázne is one of eleven cities nominated for UNESCO World Heritage in the category "The Great Spas of Europe".

Natural Remedies

Mineral water

In the town area of Mariánské Lázne there are 40 different mineral water springs, and in the surrounding area there are 100 others. These are cold acidulous springs with a temperature of 7 to 10°C. The occurrence of such a high number of springs of different composition with various healing effects is a balneological rarity. As natural remedies, these waters are protected and controlled by the state. 

Applications with mineral water
Mineral Baths
Drinking Cure

Natural Remedies


The natural mud from the region is rich in minerals and is used in the form of packs or Mud Baths - often as an ideal preparation for massages. Thanks to long-lasting warmth, the mud has a soothing and healing effect on tension, inflammation and overstrain.
Heated natural Moor is applied directly to the desired areas of the body, promotes blood circulation and has a pain-relieving effect.

Applications with natural moor
Natural Moor Pack partial or whole body, optionally with Colloidal Silver
Mud Bath - optionally with Colloidal Silver

Natural Remedies


Besides the variety of water sources, there is also a dry spring in Mariánské Lázn. It is a powerful gas fountain, which dissolves secondarily in the surface water and bears the name Maria Spring. The CO2 gas of the Maria Spring is of volcanic origin and of 99.7% purity. 
It is used for special dry baths and injections. These cause vasodilatation, which stimulates the circulation, lowers blood pressure and activates the metabolism.

Special treatments with CO2 
Dry CO2 Bath
Subcutaneous CO2 Injections
Pneumopuncture - a combination of CO2 Injections with a therapeutic massage

Our very own Alexandra Spring

Our very own Alexandra Spring forms the core of our comprehensive health offer in the form of Drinking Cures (according to the doctor's recommendation) and Mineral Baths. A drinking fountain is available to our guests in the lobby. Due to the very high content of free carbon dioxide, the Alexandra Spring is particularly suitable for therapeutic baths - Mineral Bath Alexandra. The spring also has a high iron content.