2nd Falkensteiner Jazz Summer

Look forward to the second Jazz Summer at the Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad

The balmy evening air is filled with music, the sunset accompanied by a cool glass of wine in your hand. Swing, syncopation, improvisation and a distinctive sound - all these elements make jazz the unique and multifaceted musical genre that makes everyone's feet tap along. The sounds should be free and carefree - almost without rules - like a balmy summer night. We have brought these two mood elements together and created a special event for you: Enjoy wonderful jazz music with us on warm holiday evenings, in the middle of the delightful spa town of Mariánské Lázne.

14.07. - 25.08.2023

LINE UP 2023

14.07. -  Lucie Hajíčková & Ivan Audes Trio
21.07. - Milan Angelo Trio
28.07. -  Jericho Freer & Daniel Bulatkin Trio
04.08. - M.K. Collective
11.08. - Justin Lavash
18.08. - Peter Befort Trio
25.08. - Marek Novotný Quartet

The concerts take place every Friday evening from 8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. at Falkensteiner Spa Resort Mariánské Lázne


Lucie Hajíčková & Ivan Audes Trio

The band is a jazz group founded by Ivan Audes in 2001. Since then, the band has played countless concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad and accompanied many excellent soloists. The trio's repertoire consists mostly of original compositions from the pen of Ivan Audes, but especially from Kryštof Marek, who is currently one of the most sought-after composers of jazz. He has won numerous awards, including the Czech Lion in 2020 for his music for the film Masaryk.

Ivan Audes - Percussion 
Kryštof Marek - Piano 
Daniel Eberle - Double bass 
Lucie Hajíčková - Vocals 


Milan Angelo Trio

Milan Angelo Novák is a 16-year-old jazz and classical guitarist who studies at the Prague Conservatory, focussing on solo guitar. Petr Novák, Milan's father, plays the accompanying guitar, and apart from jazz he is also an excellent player of the Roma dulcimer. Also Josef Fečo, who plays double bass, likes to jump across styles and is considered the leading jazz double bass in the Czech Republic and beyond.

Milan Angelo Novák – Guitar
Péťa Novák – Guitar 
Josef Fečo – Double bass


Jericho Freer & Daniel Bulatkin Trio

Jericho Freer is an American singer, composer and pianist. He spent ten years in New York, the Mecca of jazz, and had the opportunity to perform with famous musicians such as Bruce Barth and Guy Mintus. His music combines his love for jazz, blues and soul. He lives in Prague. At this concert he will be accompanied by a trio of young pianist Daniel Bulatkin, who is considered one of the leading figures of young Czech jazz. He has performed in more than 15 European countries with world stars such as Ulf Wakenius.

Jericho Freer – Vocal 
Daniel Bulatkin – Piano 
Tomáš Baroš – Double bass 
Daniel Šoltis – Percussion



A five-member band composed mostly of young talented musicians, which performs under the direction of the well-known saxophonist Milan Krajíc in collaboration with singer Petra Brabencová. The repertoire consists of cover versions of famous hits from the genre Soul - Funky - Hip hop - Jazz by legendary authors and performers - Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Prince and others, in original arrangements by Milan Krajíc.

Milan Krajíc – Saxophone, Piano 
Daniela Hnátová - Guitar 
Petra Brabencová - Lead Vocals 
Tomáš Hykl - Bass 
Milan Krajíc Jun. - Drums, Vocals


Justin Lavash

Justin Lavash, born in London, is a true and raw artist who has gradually developed a reputation as a sought-after musician not only in the Czech Republic. His music most often oscillates between blues, folk and jazz, and his phenomenal guitar playing often leaves listeners in awe of how he can make a single instrument ring out in layered polyphony without the use of samples or loopers. Lavash's style is based on classical strumming technique, but elements of psychedelic, dance funk or lyrical or dramatic ballads don´t come as a surprise.

Justin Lavash – Guitar, Vocal 


Peter Befort Trio

Peter Befort, Alexey Wagner and Zito Ferreira have been playing together in various Latin and jazz formations for over 20 years. They are particularly united by their love of Brazilian music. The Peter Befort Trio in depending on the occasion, can be expanded to a septet. The band's repertoire includes compositions by various Brazilian, Spanish and American composers such as Tom Jobim, Luiz Bonfá, Burke/van Heusen, Cahn, Mercer, Young, Antonio Carmona/Ketama, or João Donato.

Peter Befort -  Vocals, Guitar
Alexey Wagner -  Guitar            
Zito Ferreira -  Percussion 


Marek Novotný Quartet

 Composer and pianist Marek Novotný, who studied composition at the American university UMASS, has surrounded himself in his new quartet with exceptional, nowadays one could say "legendary", personalities of the Czech jazz scene: guitarist Libor Šmoldas and drummer Tomáš Hobzek, together with the exceptional double bassist Max Makagonov.  He is the author of all the band's repertoire, with compositions that move between jazz and classical music.

Marek Novotný -  Composition, Piano 
Libor Šmoldas -  Guitar             
Tomáš Hobzek -  Percussion
Max Makagonov – Double- bass

Information & Ticketing

Telephone ticket sales at: +420 778 707 160 or per e-mail cz.fmb.co@falkensteiner.com

Ticket per concert incl. welcome drink (wine, beer, non-alcoholic drinks): 200 CZK

Location: Falkensteiner Spa Resort Mariánské Lázne