Delicious Mediterranean tradition meets Japanese surprises

Enjoy fine dining under the stars: Delicious Mediterranean cuisine, ice cream & pizza are a must in Capo Boi - since recently you can also taste Japanese delicacies at the Raw Bar and indulge in surprising new flavours. Dive into a journey of taste, between the aromas that characterize the typical Sardinian cuisine and unexpected novelties that offer delicious alternatives for those who love variety in food. The two important culinary traditions - Sardinian and Japanese - are related to the islands where most people in the world live to be 100 years or older, underlining the fact that a good and healthy diet is essential even on vacation.


  • Varied Mediterranean cuisine with Asian influences, prepared with Sardinian products
  • Beautiful locations with Moorish architecture and spectacular sea views
  • Rich buffet breakfast and dinner with local cuisine at Artigiani Restaurant & Terrace
  • New: Enjoy seafood for lunch at Kento Bay Restaurant & Lookout on the terrace with sea view
  • New: In the evening, the signature menu by Michelin Star chef Theodor Falser boasts gourmet Panasian cuisine with local ingredients
  • New: Sudoki Raw, Bar & More offers delicious drinks and cocktails accompanied by Japanese delicacies
  • La Bottega del Gelato and Artigiani Pizza are the favorite places of our younger guests 

Tradition meets innovation

Fresh ingredients, fragrant aromas and the typical Italian love of food can be sensually experienced with every bite at Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi. Authentic Sardinian moments of pleasure, embedded in beautiful settings: Whether directly on the water, on the panoramic terrace or in the cozy indoor rooms - our attentive team ensures that no culinary wishes remain unfulfilled.

For breakfast and dinner, regional products await you at the buffet in our Artigiani Restaurant & Terrace, at lunchtime you can choose from freshly caught seafood to your heart's content in the Kento Bay Restaurant & Lookout, and let the exciting fusion of Italian flavors and Japanese delicacies convince you in the Sudoki Raw, Bar & More. Our special highlight: The option of a romantic dinner by Michelin starred chef Theodor Falser.

Those who prefer to keep to tradition will fall back on our hearty pizza and melt-in-your-mouth gelato - amore in culinary form! 

Dietary habits

Indulgence for all diets

The Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences are geared to cater to the special dietary habits of their guests. Of course, we take your needs into consideration and conjure up delicacies to your taste in our kitchens.

Whether vegan or vegetarian diet, gluten-free or low carb - with us you are in good hands with your demands: Morning, noon and evening. Please inform us already in the course of your booking, but in any case shortly before arrival, about your special dietary habits.

Artigiani Restaurant, Falkensteiner Hotels in sea view terrace

Artigiani Restaurant

The main restaurant, located on a magnificent terrace facing the sea, will be the go-to place on your journey in taste, from breakfast to dinner.

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Close-up of wine at Kento Bay Restaurant, Falkensteiner Hotels

Kento Bay Restaurant

Fine dining under the stars with Michelin Star dinners by chef Theodor Falser. Also open for lunch in a more traditional way with Mangiare D'Amare by Kento.

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Photo of boy enjoying an ice-cream at Falkensteiner Hotels

La Bottega del Gelato & Pizza

A true Italian holiday must include homemade ice cream and pizza, a delicious pleasure for adults and children alike.

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Close-up of preparing a cocktail at Falkensteiner Hotels

Sudoki Raw, Bar & More

Sushi and nigiri inside, cocktails outside. Experience the lively atmosphere of our bar and enjoy your evening on the terrace.

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7.30 – 10.30
Kento Lunch
12:30 – 14.30

Mangiare d'Amare Lunch
12.30 – 14.30 
Artigiani 19.00 – 21.30
Kento 19:30 - 21:30
Kento Bar
10.00 – 18.00
Sudoki Raw, Bar & More
17.00 – 23.00
Artigiani Pizza
12.00 – 18.00