The secret of active regeneration

tsar® aims to strengthen the body and regain energy before and after physical exercise and mental stress
tsar® helps prevent bad posture, tension, pain, tiredness, weariness, and loss in performance

Even small asymmetries may cost 80 % of our body's energy. We regain that energy in a highly efficient way, without pressure, in a smooth and pleasant way resulting in restoring the body’s symmetry. 

This new feeling is fun and enables you to discover new energy resources! 

For many participants it feels like a miracle to regain their spirits within such a short amount of time. You will rediscover the joy of life and enjoy the newly regained energy.
Do we perform magic? No! We simply know how to restore the symmetry in our body which works out! 

You want to know, what’s possible? Come & See! 


Performance increase within seconds | tension equalisation | soft and smooth fascias | deep relaxation | freedom from pain | mental balance | stabilises the cardiovascular system


Initial discussion| body scanning | gentle movements | listen to your body 

50 min    € 86,-
80 min    € 128,- 


Guest comments to TSAR: 

“At the beginning I was very sceptical because I couldn’t imagine myself that this treatment would lead to a beneficial outcome but in the end I was impressed because I could feel that my body was completely relaxed within seconds.” (F. Schmidt)

“I haven’t felt that recovered, light and free for a long time.” (M. Horvath)