Acquapura SPA

Holistic wellness in BURGENLAND

Water, the element of life is the inspiration for shapes and colours at the 2.700 qm Acquapura SPA. It represents slow down and the rediscover your own powers.

At our resort we offer you revolutionary methods such as tsar® and a unprecedented SPA-offer, which will reward you with a unique recreational value that have a perceptible effect for a long time after your stay. With the aid of measuring heart rate variability these effects even become scientifically sound.

Wellness Highlights​ at the acquapura SPA​

  • 2 infinity pools (indoor and outdoor – year-round heated)
  • Spacious sauna area, Finnish saunas and steam baths, guided sauna infusions
  • Silent Room, quiet rooms, handy-free areas
  • Living lounge with day bar and library with a selection of books
  • SPA Bistro with show kitchen an access to the spacious garden terrace
  • Tea- und vitamin bar for free
  • Midnight SPA: daily use of the indoor swimming area until 12:00 pm, Friday sauna inclusive 
  • 210 m² fitness centre with yoga and workout room
  • Revolutionary wellness concept based on tsar®, – the secret of active regeneration - exclusively at the Balance Resort
  • tsar® program and daily free activity program
  • Holistic Metabolic Balance® program as well as special health weeks
  • Green luxury cosmetic line Pharmos Green Luxury, exclusive skincare line Anne Semonin
  • Direct access to the public thermal bath Stegersbach, comfortable within your bathrobe


  • daily: 06.30 am to 12.00 am                    


  • daily: 06.30 am to 10.00 pm                

Sauna whirlpool & Sauna area                   

  • daily: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm                    

Beauty & Massage                    

  • daily: 09.00 am to 07.00 pm                    

Fitness Center                    

  • daily: 06.00 am to 10.00 pm   

SPA Reception 

  • Sunday to Thursday: 09.30 am to 06.00 pm                
  • Friday and Saturday: 09.30 am to 07.00 pm       

Activity and regeneration in perfect rhythm

Year round Balance Resort Stegersbach awaits you with wellness themes adapted to the four seasons and our biorhythm. Discover and experience pure regeneration, combined with exclusive training and get into the ideal rhythm of life.

  • Spring: Energy – I desire to be fit
  • Summer: Beauty – I desire vivid beauty
  • Autumn: Relaxation – I desire being free of tension and having a healthy back
  • Winter: Balance – I desire restorative nights
  • Clarity – I desire to handle the challenges life brings forth well

Enjoy your special activity program from morning to evening.  An extraordinary effectively composed workout in coordination with biorhythm lets you find your inner balance. We create individual programs for you – ideally alternating individual treatments and our free activity program.

Active regeneration with tsar®

What if the potential for regeneration and prevention, for restoration and preservation of a healthy posture as well as for sustainable well-being already is inside us, in our own bodies? What if we do not require any machines and no gym but nothing more than your own strength? What if you could learn to consciously feel your own body again within only a short period of time?

This is not just wishful thinking but is based on scientifically sound measurements, years of experience, many success stories of satisfied customers and it has a name: tsar®. tsar® stands for „the secret of active regeneration“ and is a unique and revolutionary method for training and movement which has a positive impact on posture, muscle tension and blockades in the body.

Experience tsar® exclusively at the Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach and learn how to use your body's full potential. Our specially trained team helps you to learn the sequences of movements and to adapt them the parts of your body constraint in motion. With only one or two sessions you will feel the positiv eeffects and the regeneration process in your body can start. Additionally we develop a sustainable plan with you to integrate the training into your everyday life, to give you the possibility of feeling the therapeutic effect of tsar® for a long time after your stay.


Heart rate variability measurement

We measure your health! We do so with a scientifically-based and deeply impressive method, measuring the fire of life using heart rate variability (HRV). You are then given comprehensive holistic biofeedback on your performance potential, your stress tolerance, your regenerative ability, your sleep quality, your burnout risk, mental resilience and your biological age. To measure HRV, a small ECG recorder is employed, which is attached to your chest using two adhesive electrodes. There is no need for you to limit your holiday activities, including recreational pursuits, sports and sleep, when wearing this recorder.