Medical SPA

Luxury & beauty

Use the lessons of holistic medicine to activate your energies, increase vitality and enhance your wellbeing. Many years’ experience in holistic medicine and therapy combine with the natural and essential harmony between people and nature.

The key elements in our extensive range of treatments are aligned around:
  • aesthetics – prevention and regeneration
  • holistic treatment concepts, and
  • a pampering experience to preserve and improve health and wellbeing.
The aesthetic and diverse range of treatments for beauty and reducing the signs of ageing also provides a perfect and holistic concept for the contemporary world. 

New treatments now available at Schlosshotel Velden

Performed by Dr Peter Durnig


Non-invasive fat reduction using Cryolipolysis
Controlled cooling at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius combats your problem areas effectively, gently and painlessly. Achieve long-lasting results without surgery. 

Radiofrequency treatment
This treatment is used to tauten sagging areas on the face, e.g. the cheeks or neck region. Other positive effects of radiofrequency treatment: The texture and tone of your skin is improved.

3D breast analysis & breast enhancement
What will my breasts look like after breast enhancement? In the Medical SPA at Schlosshotel Velden, Dr Durnig can perform a 3D analysis to simulate your desired breast enhancement and thereby provide an answer to this question.

Univ. med. Dr. Peter Durnig

Aesthetic medicine, aesthetic surgery (on site)
Dr Durnig writes for Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, the world’s leading plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery journal, specialising in face lifts and safety.