The Austrian Riviera, as the Woerthersee region is often called, boasts the largest and warmest Alpine lake in Europe and offers a host of water sports, fine dining opportunities and cultural highlights

How about a stroll through the old city centre? From old curiosity shops to designer boutiques, you’ll find everything your shopper’s heart could desire. Nor does the excitement subside in the evening. Parties in Klagenfurt last until the early hours of the morning. And there’s a bar or restaurant for every musical taste. 

Klagenfurt – the Capital  

The Rosental is a region in southern Carinthia that is especially popular with hikers. Austria is at its most beautiful here, with gentle alpine meadows and hills, and crystal-clear wild streams. The region also offers cultural, sports and culinary highlights. 

Carnica Region Rosental

Only a short walk from the Schloss Hotel, the casino is the place to see and be seen and impresses guests with its enticing gaming areas, bars, restaurants and upmarket conference facilities.

Enjoy the rich profusion of flowers as you stroll along the newly plastered Blumenpromenade along Lake Woerthersee.

The world-famous pilgrimage church of Maria Woerth rises up on a peninsula on the southern shores of Lake Woerthersee. A church dedicated to the Virgin Mary was built on this site at the end of the 9th century. Later, the relics of Saints Primus and Felizian were brought to Maria Wörth from Rome.

Walk back in time to the Roman age! Excavation site from the third century with a museum. Lovely view towards Lake Woerthersee and Rosental. The 772-metre Kathreinkogel rises up sharply from the valley between the river Drau and the western bay of the Woerthersee and was first settled in the 7th century BC.

Carinthia has an abundance of museums and galleries that offer something for every taste. Especially recommended are the Carinthian Museum of Modern Art in Klagenfurt, which brings together modern and contemporary art, and the Galerie Walker at Ebenau castle.

The Nockalm Road at the heart of the Carinthian Nockberg Mountains is an Alpine Road that you can explore by car. It offers myriad stunning views.

The visit to the stalactite caves is a very special, memorable experience – experience living stalactites, a Europe-wide rarity.

The look-out tower on Pyramidenkogel Mountain - the world's tallest look-out tower made of wood - offers a superb panorama view onto Carinthia's lake and mountain landscape. "Adrenaline junkies" get to chute back down the spiral mountain slide.

14 historical castle gates need to be passed along the steep path before reaching the castle and guests are rewarded with a beautiful view of the environs.


Take advantage of the proximity to Italy and enjoy a luxurious day of shopping in Udine. The shopping centre in Tavagnacco near Udine offers top designer fashion and has long been a destination de rigeur for shoppers. With everything from Gucci to Tod’s to Hermes, you’re sure to find all that your shopper’s heart desires here.

Limousine Service

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