Medical Spa Hotel in Karlovy Vary

Enjoy cure & wellness in style

Falkensteiner Grand MedSpa Marienbad is a certified non-govermental medical institution. The guests enjoy stylish, traditional architecture, biggest pool area in Marianske Lazne with the only outdoor pool (heated) in town. The guests can choose between classical medical spa programmes based on traditional procedures, or some modern spa programmes. The wellness hotel in the Karlovy Vary region has own in-house mineral water spring. 

Recover in harmony

Combine your holiday with a soothing spa stay or relaxation – take a healthy and active break. Marienbad allows you to rediscover the joy of spa treatments. Our bath therapy offers a combination of traditional medicine and modern well-being treatments.

Recover your bodily comfort and inner balance with our tailor-made health options based on the healing powers of the water from our own Alexandra spring.