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The best protection for your holiday, easily bookable.

A holiday at Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences should feel completely carefree for our guests. Our internal 'Easy Protect' cancellation protection is designed to provide you with a certain level of protection even before your trip and ensure unclouded anticipation. To relieve you of the fear of a sudden illness at the time of travel, we offer you our Falkensteiner 'Easy Protect' cancellation protection. This allows you to cancel your holiday free of charge up to the day of arrival if one of the reasons listed below applies, or you will be refunded the remaining amount for your non-consumed stay if you leave early.


Refund in case of illness

In the event of unexpected illness before the start of your holiday or during your stay, we will refund the deposit or the non-consumed amount of the travel costs (up to the maximum insured value of the trip). Falkensteiner 'Easy Protect' cancellation cover applies in the event of medically certified illnesses, sudden pregnancy complications.


Everything from one source

'Easy Protect' is a Falkensteiner product and can be added directly when you book your holiday. You will receive the best conditions from our reservations team and benefit from simple processing including optional cancellation protection.


Anticipation without restriction

With the certainty of being covered in the event of a sudden illness thanks to the 'Easy Protect' cancellation protection, you can look forward to your holiday with us carefree - without any queasy feeling.


Frequently Asked Questions


The Easy Protect package can only be booked up to 48h after the reservation has been made. If you add it to your booking after this period, it will not be valid.

You can add the desired package yourself directly when booking via our homepage. If the booking is made directly in our reservation, Easy Protect can also be added to your room reservation here.

You will receive a secure payment link within 72 hours of completing your booking. If credit card details are submitted within a maximum of 48 hours, Easy Protect is activated and cannot be cancelled. Please note that you will not receive a payment reminder. If you fail to pay for the package on time, the entitlement to this service will automatically expire.

As soon as it is apparent that you will not be able to arrive - at the latest by the scheduled arrival date - the hotel requires this information. Please note that the hotel cannot provide any information regarding the refund process, this is handled by our Easy Protect department. You will submit the refund request with all the necessary information and documents within the prescribed period exclusively via www.falkensteiner.com/easy-protect. We ask for your understanding that a telephone transmission is not valid and also cannot be accepted in writing via e-mail.

For every person for whom this trip was booked.

If we do not receive the necessary documents within the specified time, the cancellation conditions that were sent in the reservation confirmation will be applied.

Preventing the trip due to complications of illnesses known at the time of booking, illness without a medical certificate, cancellation due to hospitalization known at the time of booking, illness or death of relatives who would not have participated in the trip.

Early departure due to illness on site will be confirmed free of charge only if no symptoms were present/no illness was known at the time of booking/arrival.

Accidents of any kind on site are excluded.

Please note that a change in the legal measures regulation does not entitle you to a cancellation free of charge, even if Easy Protect was booked.

Please note that a refund of the price of the Easy Protect package is not possible, regardless of the rate booked.

This payment guarantees that you will be able to cancel/get your deposit back free of charge in case of the above reasons. Accordingly, the payment for Easy Protect is non-refundable, regardless of the chosen booking conditions.

Please note that a change in the legal measures regulation does not entitle you to a cancellation free of charge, even if Easy Protect was booked.

If you leave early, the rest of your stay will be covered up to the insured value. For example, if your reservation is € 5.000 and you have insured an amount of € 3.000 with 'Easy Protect', you will be reimbursed for the remaining amount not consumed up to € 3.000.

Request Form

Falkensteiner Easy Protect

If you wish to claim your reimbursement due to an incident covered by 'Easy Protect', please do so using the following form:



Are you planning your well-deserved holiday in one of the Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences? Don't forget to complete the right travel insurance, so you can relax during your holiday.


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