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Holiday with dogs

Welcome home. Welcome dogs.

If your travel companion has four instead of two legs, there are a frew questions to be answered before you plan your holidays: will my dog be welcome at the hotel? Are meals provided? Will there be someone, who could take care of my dog for a few hours, when I have planned non-dog-friendly activities? We understand your questions and offer your the perfect solution in our dog-friendly hotels. "Welcome Home!", our motto, means exactly that: where you want to feel like home, also your four-legged friend should too. Therefore we say: Welcome Dogs!

Welcome dogs hotels

The best travel companion has four paws

Exploring the world together

Dogs are our loyal companions and if they could, they would follow us like a shadow wherever we go. Unfortunately that is not possible in our daily life due to our jobs and other activities. Therefore it is the understandable wish of many dog owners to shower their four-legged with the attention they deserve. Apart from that: which other travel companion is gladly joining you on every activity without any complaints?

How to spoil a dog

Welcome dogs

Good news: In general dogs are allowed in all of our hotels. In addition we have special dog-friendly hotels, where you and your four-legged friend will be thouroughly spoiled. Along with a welcome-package we offer your diverse services like taking your dog for a walk and recommendations for hiking routes. Of course we make sure that your dog does not lack of anything: aside from a dog blanket and feeding bowl, we offer you a dog towel and a special bandana for your dog.