Close-up of a dish served at Falkensteiner Hotels

Indulgence & Culinary

Enjoyment involving all the senses

At our establishment, you get not only the highest of quality standards, an individual touch and that cosy welcome home feeling but also a variety of options when it comes to shaping your trip, so as to ensure a holiday that leaves nothing to be desired. A trip of indulgence that ought to pamper all your senses and which includes much more than just fine cuisine. Our goal behind the Falkensteiner philosophy is to offer guests the highest level of comfort and, depending on the holiday destination, to allow influences from different cultures and lifestyles to flow into the concept of the individual hotels.

This ranges from the menu selection to the individual design of the spaces, which play a large part in the feel-good atmosphere of the Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences. Contemporary architecture and appealing design meet excellent service and atmospheric flair. High-quality, natural materials are in keeping with the environment and satisfy the need for visual and atmospheric stimulation. The various elements of nature have also been picked up on in the spacious spa areas in order to give our guests comforting moments of well-being that bring body and mind into harmony.

Welcome, gourmets!


The Falkensteiner cuisine is a treat for you taste buds! The meal is being served, you take the first bite. Let the different ingredients literally melt in your mouth: the sweet, the bitter, the salty and finally the spicy... At Falkensteiner we spoil your sense of taste with culunary delights, which are also a treat for your eyes!  

Well-beeing on premium level

Only the best for you

Are you looking for a classy holiday? If yes, then you our five-star premium hotels are the right choice for you. Here we fulfill even the most discerning wishes of our guests. Our premium hotels define the term luxury in new ways: time, deceleration and space for inspiration are our main focus. Perfect service, privacy, impressive aesthetics and the fulfillment of inidivual wishes are a matter of course. Especially for you!

Enjoy the moment

360 degrees of indulgence

All aspects of indulgence that we offer are united by a deep connection with nature. It serves as a source of calm and a place of strength, invites you to breathe deeply, and sharpens your senses anew. From views of picturesque landscapes to our range of sports sessions to balance things out, to custom integration of mindfulness and nutrition into your stay – enjoyment is a top priority at Falkensteiner and extends far beyond the normal horizons. Some holistic time-out that is made to give you unforgettable memories!

Tranquility. Silence. Relaxation.

Holidays among adults

Holidays without children? Our adtuls-only hotels put your personal "me-time" in focus. Enjoy our wellness and spa areas as well as a well-deserved break and let us spoil you with culunary finesse. Find your inner self, gain new energy and experience moments of pure releaxtion.

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The experience of architecture

Epicureans are those kind of people, who discover things, others easily overlook. One of these things is architecture. Whether it means old manors with a special kind of stucco, the modern-style house in the city or the snowy, cosy ski chalet. It's the details which make buidlings something special and which give them their own character. What will you discover on your next journey?