With a regional touch

Three restaurants, all with indoor and outdoor seating, enabling you to sample the finest local flavours as well as the great classics of Mediterranean and international cuisine, with an all inclusive service offering breakfast, lunch, afternoon refreshments and dinner as well as drinks up to 12am. We have something to suit every palate, from buffets to romantic dinners. The restaurant services at Falkensteiner Funimation Club Garden Calabria offer guests not just superb food, but wonderful spaces to relax and unwind. Our 3 bars bring you a huge selection of drinks; each of our restaurants has its own webpage; please see below for our bar opening times.

Bar Piazza 10 - 12 am | Bar Piscina 10 am -6.30 pm | Bar Mare 10 am - 6.30 pm | Bar Sport (Self Service) 10 am - 6.30 pm


Enjoy a wide array of culinary highlights

La Terrazza

Enjoy dinner in a romantic occasion with a menu that will ensure you savour the experience to the full. 


Our beach restaurant is open for pizza and grills at lunchtime, helping you relish your holiday by the sea in Calabria with all five senses.

Il Giardino

Our main buffet restaurant with its own pizzeria and grill; open for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served here.