Calabria: a region waiting to be discovered

From north to south, from Pollino national park to the Straits of Messina, Calabria offers visitors an endless treasure trove of beauty. Here, luxuriant vegetation abounds, from beaches to hillsides swathed in Mediterranean maquis and sweeping pine groves on the mountains of Sila and Aspromonte; its history dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks, its evidence seen in an impressive architectural heritage. The truly unique landscapes and flavours set this wonderful region apart, with ancient traditions just waiting to be discovered.

Gala dinner in the vineyard

An unforgettable dinner with the enchanting ambience of a vineyard

Experience an all-round unique dinner for all senses. A gala dinner in the magical atmosphere of a vineyard in the surroundings of Cosenza to taste the beguiling traditional cuisine and the great red and white wines of this wine region. A romantic evening to be enjoyed in "slow sips", in a fascinating timeless Country Chic atmosphere.

Cooking course at the Agriturismo

Discover the best recipes of the Calabrian cuisine

An experience for those who love to learn new recipes. The half-day course will reveal you the secrets of the fileja, the typical Calabrian pasta, the famous Nduja, a sausage with an unmistakable taste & other local specialities. The dishes prepared during the course will then be served for lunch or dinner, wine and drinks included.

Tartufo making with tasting

Discover the secret of the typical Calabrian delicacy!

The tartufo, a half ball of ice cream with a heart of melted dark chocolate - the only ice cream in Europe allowed to bear the label of "protected geographical origin" - is a delicacy of the Calabrian art of confectionery invented in Pizzo in the 1950s. In a tartufo manufactory you can follow the various stages of preparation and, of course, taste the delicacy melting in your mouth, a pleasure for all the senses.

Team Building with a theme

The most exciting outdoor sport in Calabria

Against the breathtaking backdrop of Calabrian nature with its countless unspoilt corners, you can enjoy the water in the most exciting way with rafting and kite surfing, climb in dizzying canyons and explore the most inaccessible areas on a quad bike. Recharge your batteries with your team, enjoy well-being, fun and freedom together.

Stromboli at night

The magic of the volcano at sunset

This tour takes you to Stromboli in the footsteps of the director Roberto Rossellini, who had his film of the same name played here. Walking around the volcano you can admire the exciting beauty of its activities, which seem even more impressive at night. Due to its volcanic activity with frequent eruptions, Stromboli is so unique that even the expression "Strombolian eruption" was coined. To make the evening even more magical, you can also have dinner on the island.

Rossana & the black gold of Calabria

An experience under the sign of history and pleasure

Green hills and a crystal clear sea, combined with a mild climate all year round, make Rossano an absolutely charming town on the sea of the "Piana di Sibari". Besides the historical centre with its charming houses and alleys, you can visit many ancient art treasures, especially from the time of the Greek colonial masters. Worth mentioning are also the Cathedral Maria Santissima Achiropita, the Liquorice Museum and the Codex Purpureus Rossanensis, world cultural heritage of the Unesco.

Santa severina & le castella

The Byzantine, Norman and Aragonese facets of Calabria

In the middle of fertile hills and olive groves lies Santa Severina, whose Norman and Byzantine history can be seen in its well-preserved buildings such as the baptistery, the houses carved into the rock and the small hospital church in the Byzantine quarter. After a visit to the marine reserve at Cape Rizzuto, you will move on to Le Castella, a town famous for its 15th century Aragonese fortress. It is located on a small island connected to the shore by a narrow strip of sand.

Stilo & Gerace

On the traces of the thousand year old history of Calabria

Gerace is an enchanting medieval village nestled in the Aspromonte National Park. Because of the many churches and monasteries, also called "Holy City", it is one of the "most beautiful places in Italy". The historical centre has kept its original Byzantine structure. In Stilo, the birthplace of the philosopher Tommaso Campanella, we visit the famous church "Cattolica", a precious sacred building from the 15th/16th century, which is considered one of the masterpieces of Byzantine architecture.