Calabria, a region worth discovering

From north to south, from Pollino to Stretto, Calabria is a region that harbours many kinds of unique attractions, being blessed with a luxuriant nature, which unfolds from the beach to the Mediterranean brushwood in the hills, to large forests of pines on the Sila and Aspromonte mountains, and being the custodian of the most important vestiges of a history that dates back to the time of the Greeks, revealing its great architectural heritage. Landscapes and flavours that can only be found here make up a wonderful territory worth discovering, with its most ancient traditions.

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Calabrian cooking class in a farmhouse

An experience dedicated to those who love to always learn new recipes. The half-day course will reveal the secrets of Fileja, the typical Calabrian pasta, of the famous Nduja, a sausage with an unmistakable taste, and of other local specialities. The dishes prepared during the course will then be served for lunch or dinner, with wine and drinks included.

Truffle making with tasting

The truffle, a half-sphere of ice cream that encloses a heart of melted dark chocolate - the only ice cream in Europe to have obtained the PGI designation- is a delicacy of Calabrian patisserie, created in the 1950s in Pizzo. In a specialised laboratory, you will be able to assist to all the phases of the preparation of the truffle and, obviously, taste the delicate flavour that captivates the senses.

The most electrifying outdoor sports in Calabria

In the splendid scenery of Calabrian nature, with its many wild corners, you can experience adrenaline-pumping water adventures, including rafting and kitesurfing, or adventures on land, such as climbing vertiginous canyons and exploring by quad the areas most difficult to reach. Focus on your wellbeing, fun and freedom with your team.

Stilo and Gerace: tracing the millenary history of Calabria.

Gerace is an enchanting medieval village in the Aspromonte National Park. Also known as the "Holy City" for its numerous churches and monasteries, it is part of the circuit of the "most beautiful villages in Italy". The historic centre has kept its original Byzantine structure. In the village of Stilo, the birthplace of philosopher Tommaso Campanella, you will visit the famous "Cattolica", an exquisite sacred edifice from the 15th - 16th century, one of the masterpieces of Byzantine architecture.

Stromboli by night: the magic of the volcano at sunset.

This tour will take you to Stromboli, in the footsteps of director Roberto Rossellini, who set the film with the same name here. Walking around the volcano, you can admire its beauty and the parade of its eruptions, looking splendid in the darkness. This volcano is unique in the world for the characteristics of its volcanic activity, called "Strombolian", namely having very frequent eruptions. To make the evening even more magical, you can dine on the island.

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