Metabolic Balance®

Lose weight in a healthy and maintainable manner with the support of Metabolic Balance©, the unique metabolic plan created by Dr. Wolf Funfack.

A holistic way of losing weight on professional level

For over 10 years now, we help our guests to gain more energy and a positive awareness of life. Our doctor, our sports scientists and our trained kitchen staff offer you a holistic program and metabolic delights, in order to reach their individual goals.

Your personal Metabolic Balance® eating plan includes lots of fruit and vegetables, with meat, fish and poultry providing culinary variety. The combination of your personalized diet plan with some special nutritional rules allows your insulin level to rise more slowly, thus eliminating sudden cravings. A specially trained team of experts is always available at the Balance Resort Stegersbach to provide you with personal and specialist support as you move toward achieving your metabolic balance.

Method and Phases

At the beginning of your Metabolic Balance® program we will determine your blood values and other medical parameters. On the basis of this data and your personal information (e.g. allergies, intolerances, special dislikes or existing impairments to your health) our experts create your individual meal plan. Subsequently you will start with the Metabolic Balance® program at the hotel, which consists of four phases.

  • Blood sampling and preparation of an individual meal plan
  • According to the length of your stay 7, 14 or 24 Relax-active units
  • Medical consultation
  • Practical classes on the subject of nutrition, health and fitness
  • Cooking workshop
  • Professional all-round support an aftercare