12.-14.07.2024* | 20.-22.12.2024*

Coolife Retreat

In search of inner balance, embark on an extraordinary and unique journey at the COOLIFE retreat. A weekend full of inspiring practices and moments of mindfulness awaits you. The focus is on promoting your own mental and physical health. In addition to energising and relaxing breathing exercises, you will learn effective and scientifically proven techniques for strong mind management. And best of all - you will sit completely relaxed in an ice bath.

Enjoy your days at the Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach with the "Keep on Cooling" team timelessly in the here and now and look forward to the following physical and mental benefits: More energy | Increased physical performance | Faster recovery after a workout | Improved sleep | Relief from pain and arthritis | Strengthening of the immune system | Improvement of the cardiovascular system | Increased concentration | Increased zest for life | Stress control and prevention of diabetes and mental illness*

* If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel up to one week before the start of the retreat. Health requirements: In case of heart problems, kidney failure, high unregulated blood pressure, cold urticaria, migraine, Raynaud's syndrome type I, panic disorders and after surgery, please consult your doctor beforehand. The method is not recommended for epilepsy, Raynaud's syndrome type II or pregnancy.

  • Strengthen your own mindset
  • Learn various breathing techniques (e.g. Wim Hof breathing) in theory and practice
  • Learn to deal with the cold and relax in an ice bath
  • Free late check-out until 2 pm

* Limited offer subject to availability

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*Price per night/room
*Price per night/room