Close-up of a red lotus flower at Falkensteiner Hotels

Yoga & Holistic Methods

In our fast-paced times, mindfulness has become a rare commodity; instead, permanent multitasking is in demand. With us, you learn to slow down and perceive the here and now with all its facets. Exercise methods such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Bioenergetic Exercises, Ai Chi or Progressive Muscle Relaxation demand your full attention, leave no room for the racing mind and help to cope with stress and build mental resilience. 


Treatments daily from 7.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

A lady doing exercise at Falkensteiner Hotels

In active forms of yoga, self-awareness is practiced through coordination of breathing and movement. Not only the body becomes stronger and more flexible, but also the mind. Yin Yoga is a meditative approach to our inner life, with simultaneous focus on the body. 

  • different yoga lessons as part of the weekly sports program 
  • in-house yoga classes (outdoor & indoor)
  • outdoor yoga platform
  • intensive yoga weekends on fixed dates (ask us for the calendar) 
A couple doing yoga at Falkensteiner Hotels
Bioenergetic exercises

A sequence of certain exercises, developed by psychotherapist Dr. Alexander Lowen, creates a connection between mind and body. The blockages of vital energy in the meridians are released, the effect is immediately noticeable and leads to lasting vitality and positive energy. 

A lady relaxing in the swimming Pool at Falkensteiner Hotels
Ai Chi

is a combination of Tai Chi movements and Chi Gong breathing exercises, which takes place in warm water.  Slow movements in combination with conscious breathing lead to deep relaxation. 

A lady doing exercise at Falkensteiner Hotels
Qi Gong

is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine and a form of meditation that uses flowing movements to help cultivate the body and mind. The exercises play an important role in maintaining health and harmonizing the flow of life energy (Qi).

Couple doing yoga on wooden floor at Falkensteiner Hotels
Progressive muscle relaxation

is an easy-to-learn relaxation technique in which individual muscle groups from head to toe are tensed and then relaxed again. This gradually leads to inner peace, because physical and mental tension are closely linked.