Plants & trees in the forest near Falkensteiner Hotels

Forest bathing & mindfulness

We combine the mindfulness exercises of forest bathing with selected treatments and typical natural remedies of Mariánské Lázne. The calming Alexandra mineral spa bath, the green clay pack with a kaolin face mask or the holistic massage reduce physical and psychological tension and deepen the effect of Shinrin Yoku. Water, earth and air - all these elements can be experienced and their beneficial effects can be experienced in our program "Breathe deeply and recharge your batteries". 


Depending on season and weather

Couple exploring the nature near Falkensteiner Hotels
Take a deep breath and recharge your batteries

Our premium stress management and burnout prevention program is based on a combination of traditional Marienbad treatments and contemporary forms of therapy
From 4 nights:
HRV measurement | Forest bathing | Bioenergetic exercises | Ai Chi | Moor bath with colloidal silver | Green clay pack with kaolin mask | Alexandra mineral bath | Dry CO2 bath with fleece mask | Holistic massage

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