Immune System & Resilience

The immune system is of great importance for physical integrity. A complex network of different organs, cell types and molecules protects against potentially harmful influences and pathogens of the living environment and ensures timely degradation of damaged body cells.

Length of stay: from 7 nights - 20 treatments

Determination of heart rate variability (HRV) is used to analyze the stress state of the body. Increased stress leads to increased cholesterol levels and reduction of the body's defenses. Other specific laboratory results show us the state of the organism. A simple sleep history reveals any disturbances. A UKK stress test measures the fitness index, and enables the creation of an uplifting training plan.

The goal is to continually build and maintain the body's relatively fragile regulatory system. With the help of three S's, exercise (daily appropriate physical activity), healthy sleep and stress management, and a supportive proper diet, resilience has been shown to improve.

Primary diagnostics and medical coordination

  • Initial medical consultation, analysis of medical history
  • Blood laboratory
  • Accompanying monitoring of general well-being
  • Measurement of the autonomic nervous system
  • Consultation, analysis of examinations
  • Final medical consultation for check out, evaluation and recommendations
  • Documentation for the health insurance company
  • Hydrocolon - intestinal irrigation and revitalization of intestinal flora
  • Probiotic revitalization of the intestinal flora
  • Biostimulant cure with 7 intramuscular injections
  • Relaxing bath in the water of the in-house Alexandra spring with herbal extract and pack
  • Activated subcutaneous CO2 injections - circulation strengthening and anti-inflammatory treatment
  • Stimulation of blood circulation with bath in dry CO2 bath and oxygen inhalation
  • Traditional Chinese ear acupuncture
  • Stimulation of specific foot reflex zones
  • Energy Boost - Scottish alternating shower
  • Activation of energy flow with bioenergetic exercises
  • Traditional Chinese Chi Gong
  • Special techniques in the breathing school
  • Active movement with Nordic Walking
  • Strength building with circuit training


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