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Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation & Respiratory therapy

Respiratory system, convalescence, prevention, mental balance

The multiple, potential effects of Covid-19 infection are gradually becoming known. Both physical and neurological functions can be permanently impaired, as well as the state of mind. Not only ill people themselves suffer from the consequences of this aggressive disease. Long-lasting isolation, maximum stress for families at home and fears for the future will occupy us humans for a long time.

Length of stay: from 7 nights - 24 treatments

Spirometry determines the vital capacity of the lungs, and a blood count shows other measurements and inflammatory parameters. The ECG determines the functionality of the circulation. HRV measurement to determine the state of rest or relaxation.

The focus of the program is on breathing. Specific breathing therapy strengthens the muscles and improves the absorption of oxygen. Active and passive relaxation therapy achieve a further deepening of the effect. In a relatively short time, the feeling of exhaustion is relieved, the immune system is strengthened, and the return to full performance is accelerated.

Primary diagnostics and medical coordination

  • Initial consultation, explanation of the program
  • Spirometry
  • Determination of blood oxygen content
  • Blood laboratory analysis
  • Measurement of the autonomic nervous system (HRV)
  • ECG
  • Consultation, evaluation of examinations
  • Final medical consultation for check out, evaluation and recommendations
  • Documentation for health insurance
  • Inhalation steam from the forest spring (according to medical indication with additional medication)
  • Diathermy - application of dry heat in the chest area
  • Application of a mud pack
  • Oxygen therapy for neurological stimulation
  • Relaxing back massage
  • Individual physiotherapy
  • Breathing exercises in aqua gymnastics
  • Special breathing techniques in the breathing school
  • Mindfulness exercises during a walk in the forest
  • Aromatherapy - olfactory training


We would be happy to advise you in detail by phone or email to find out which health program suits your individual needs.

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