Dr. Peter Durnig Beauty Secrets

A very private place of beauty

The Acquapura SPA is home to a cosmetic surgeon with finesse, many years of intensive international training and experience, alongside plenty of beauty secrets.Dr Peter Durnig, specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, is a specialist in all areas of this medical field; his patients have also voted him Austria's favourite plastic surgeon on numerous occasions. He is happy to help you with anything beauty related with his time, heart, and empathy as your person of contact in the wonderful atmosphere of the hotel spa area, complementing this most relaxing of places.

"I'm here for you, so you can feel comfortable in your body"


On request after prior booking


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The Beauty Secret

In addition to his surgery-related activities, Dr Peter Durnig continues to develop a well sorted, exclusive series of beauty secrets tailored to the desires and needs of his patients. The development of this series stems from a desire to provide the best possible post-operative scar care:Sensitive skin combined with incense, allowing the incisions from the operation to heal in the optimum manner.
 The no 1  beauty secret is following a comprehensive day and night care routine using quartz and edelweiss, (this was created for the opening of the med spa).Gradually more and more beauty secrets were revealed.Anti aging/beauty/care from head to toe. The care series now includes 17 core products.Eye Wonder, Cleansing Mousse, Hyaluronic kick, Body Sprite Milk, Hyaluronic 2-phase spray, Astaxanthin Facial Expression Repair, Cell Contour, Kissed by the Sun, Sexy Legs, Sensitive Skin...