A tennis ball is hitting the court near Falkensteiner Hotels
  • Summer


Improve your game on the hotel's tennis court at the Schlossgarten.

You will be assisted by Alexander Hechenberger, certified ÖTV (Austrian Tennis Association) tennis instructor and his team at the Tennis School Wörthersee.


Head Coach                                                      € 72,00
Privat Coaching (50 min)

Instructor                                                           € 64,00
Privat Coaching (50 min)             

Children- & Youth-Instructor                              € 59,00
Privat Coaching (50 min)             

2nd Lesson                                                        € 42,00/p.P
Starting from 16 years (50 min)

2nd Lesson                                                        € 37,00/p.P.
Children- & Youth-Instructor    
Till 15 years (50min)

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