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Falkensteiner fitness active days

with hula-hooping & more…

Professional master trainer Heike Meidinger will be paying us a visit and, through her motivation, energy and enjoyment of her job, ensuring good moods and a whole lot of fun on her courses.

You can expect a whole lot of fun with the hula hoop, as well as beneficial sessions for your back, your core, your fascia and your posture, but also yoga, relaxation, mobility and stretching.

The following courses are part of our Fitness Active Days:

  • Bottleneck stretching according to "Liebscher and Bracht": a special form of muscle stretching and strengthening. After a "fascial warm-up" with the fascia roller, we will do specific exercises to combat hip, knee, shoulder, head and neck pain.
  • Fascia workout: A beneficial, dynamic fascia workout in flow to release tension, mobilize joints and make you feel more flexible. 
  • Fascia Training with Fascia Roller: Myofascial training with a large and small fascia roller.
  • Core & Stability: Strengthening the core through targeted exercises for the back and abdomen.
  • Balance: Exercises on unstable ground train balance, equilibrium and deep muscles that we always need in everyday life.
  • Mobile back: Back training does not have to be boring. A contemporary and modern back workout strengthens your postural apparatus, prevents back pain and gives you an upright posture.
  • HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training.
  • Mobility & Stretch: A combination of stretching and mobilizing exercises to loosen tense muscles and areas of the body.
  • Relaxation: Various types of relaxation such as body scan, dream journeys and mindfulness exercises to help the sometimes-stressed mind find peace.
  • Hula hoop: learn how to use a hula hoop, and, in just a short time, you'll be twirling it around. We integrate the hoop into the workout and have tons of fun while hula-hooping. 

You can find more information about Heike Meidinger here

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