Golf in ski amadé

Escape from daily reality – a great golf pleasures is expecting you at the Schladming-Dachstein Golfsafari. Being located in the heart of the Ennstal Alps the 4 golf courses of Schladming-Dachstein Golfsafari offer a truly impressive scenery. The variety of our different designs create a unique experience while exploring our golf courses. 

Recommendation of Christine Wolf - Golf Pro and Olympian Athlete 2016

"To me, practicing on different golf courses is very important. Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming is an ideal starting point for a tour of the 4 Ennstal Valley golf courses at Golfsafari Schladming-Dachstein. After some intense practice in the fresh mountain air, I like to enjoy the Schladming Alpine wellness concept (e.g. a sports massage with arnica) followed by a well-balanced evening meal. As an athlete, this is where to go for an all-round care experience."


Benefits for Falkensteiner guests 

  • 20 % discount on an 18- hole-Greenfee (direct payment at the golf club) 
  • Discounts on training lessons and intensive classes (at the Golf & Country Club Dachstein Tauern) 
  • Preferential starting time reservation



Dogs can be brought to the Golf & Country Club Dachstein Tauern.

  • When bringing dogs along, make sure that they do not pose a burden for fellow players
  • Dogs must generally be walked on a leash.
  • Dog droppings must be cleaned throughout the entire facility area, even under trees. 
  • Dog bags are available for free at the secretary's office.
  • Every tee includes a rubbish container.
  • The course supervisor's instructions must be followed.

Chose from one of the 4 golf courses of Golfsafari Schladming-Dachstein: 


GCC Dachstein Tauern - 5 KM

This challenging golf course has been slotted into the magnificent alpine Enns Valley, next to the clear waters of the Enns River

18-hole / Par 71 / HCP: -54
men white: 5.868 m / CR 71,3 / SL 124; men yellow: 5.516 m / CR 69,2 / SL 127 slope;
men blue: 5.281 m / CR 67,9 / SL 124; women black: 5.106 m / CR 72,6 / SL 128;
women red: 4.780 m / CR 70,3 / SL 123

GLC Radstadt - 19 KM

This course features the Birdie Jet, a unique gondola lift for golfers that provides access to the highest tee in the region. Stunning panoramic views included!

18-hole / Par 71 / HCP: -54
men white: 5.962 m / CR 70,7 / SL 128, men yellow: 5.804 m / CR 69,7 / SL 123
women blue: 5.279 m / CR 67,1 / SL 118, women red: 5.017 m / CR 66,1 / SL 114


GCC Schloss Pichlarn - 39 KM

Schloss Pichlarn golf course is one of the oldest in Austria, and is ranked among the world’s finest golf resorts. This 18-hole championship course in the heart of the Styrian Enns Valley offers elegance and sporting enjoyment of the very highest international calibre.

18-hole / Par 70 / HCP: -54
men white: 5.962 m / CR 70,4 / SL 128, men yellow: 5.804 m / CR 68,9 / SL 127
women blue: 5.279 m / CR 73,1 / SL 127, women red: 5.017 m / CR 71,30 / SL 123


GLC Ennstal - 48 KM

This is the only golf course in Europe in a nature reserve! 18 smooth fairways blend seamlessly into the protected riverside setting, surrounded by truly stunning alpine scenery.

18-hole / Par 70 / HCP: -54
men yellow: 5.681 m / CR 70,1 / SL 121; women red: 4.929 m / CR 71,0 / SL 119


*Valid at the courses listed below