ORIENTAL bathing culture

Immerse yourself in the wonderful, mysterious bathing culture of the Orient. The Arabic word “hamam” means “to warm” and “to bathe”, and it stands for relaxation, well-being and cleanliness. Relax, wash yourself and chat in our Oriental bathing rooms – enjoy the pleasure of being swept away to a place far from your hectic everyday life. The hamam not only cleanses you physically but also bathes the body and spirit in mild warmth and soft light. Soothing heat, water, foam, scents and touches create a complex work of art whose main aim is to make you feel good.

Enjoy this traditional Oriental bathing culture

The full hamam experience Hamam bathing and relaxation area including a pestemal towel. Free of charge for our guests. You enter the bathing area wrapped in a pestemal towel. After taking a shower, you take a seat at one of the water basins. The copper bowls are filled with water which is then poured over the body in the seated position.


Once you have been rinsed from head to toe, you lie down on the heated stones to allow the warmth to loosen up your muscles and open up your pores. This makes it possible for the body to release toxins, leaving the skin soft and smooth. The wet cotton towel worn around your body helps to ensure that you do not get too hot or cold.


Hamam treatments

Every hamam treatment includes a body scrub using a special “kese” glove. The scrub cleanses the skin deeply, promotes regeneration and leaves the skin looking refined, clearer and fresher. After the skin has been cleansed, the body is massaged with soap lather. The result is noticeably softer, silkier skin and pure relaxation. The warm lather also helps to give the body a pleasant overall sensation. During the treatments, you remain covered by the pestemal towel.


After each treatment, we will pamper you with dried fruit and a special drink to go with your treatment.