Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera Couple Jumping Into The Sea


Top things to do in the area

Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera is a great starting point for many adventures. We have selected couple of them for you to choose from here, but we welcome your suggestions and desires, so feel free to check with our Welcome Home Host about their recommended things to do in Croatia!

A tennis ball hitting the court at  Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera

Tennis Academy

Benefit from the professional tennis equipment and know-how of one of the best tennis academies in Europe – The Sunball tennis academy.

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Kids playing at a Football Camp at Falkensteiner Hotels

Hannover Football Camp

The Hannover 96 football camps are a great way to combine holidays with football training. While one part of the family gets to enjoy their vacation, aspiring football stars look forward to the 96-football school.

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Aerial view from the panoramic flight near Falkensteiner Hotels

Panoramic flights

A panoramic flight with the backdrop of Dalmatia and the Adriatic Sea ensures breath-taking vacation photos.

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Ski diver in the mid air near Falkensteiner Hotels


Skydive to discover Zadar from above. Tandem jumps offer an adventure for people with no experience.

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Diver swimming over the corals near Falkensteiner Hotels


Diving is underwater sightseeing. There are colorful schools of fish waiting to be discovered in the clear sea off the Dalmatian coast.

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A lone yacht on the sea near Falkensteiner Hotels

Yachting or sailing

The yacht or sailboat discovery tour of the Adriatic Sea also passes by the Kornati islands.

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Man Bungee Jumping near Falkensteiner Hotels

Bungee Jumping Maslenica

Bungee jumping Maslenica takes place on the bridge Maslenica near Zadar from a height of 56 meters.

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Safari jeep in Velebit Off road near Falkensteiner Hotels

Velebit Offroad

What is Grand Canyon to Americans or Alps to the French, Austrians and Swiss – Velebit is to Croatians. A mountain that keeps a man in the state of admiration as well as humbleness.

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Inner view of the Modric Cave near Falkensteiner Hotels

Modric Cave

Discovered in 1995 but opened for public as of 2004, Modric Cave is one of the untouched nature phenomenon that can be found only a 20 minutes’ drive away from Punta Skala. Due to specific micro-environmental conditions visits to Modric Cave are possible only in a smaller groups escorted by knowledgeable guides and speleologists providing hands on experience to the visitors.

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A man kayaking in Sea Kayak Novigrad near Falkensteiner Hotels

Sea Kayak Novigrad

We start our exciting day with the sea kayaking instructions organized on the beach in Novigrad. The water here is brackish (mixed fresh and saltwater) which is the reason for abundant life under the sea surface.

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A man kite-boarding near Falkensteiner Hotels

Kiteboarding-School Nin

Welcome to the world of kitesurfing in Croatia/kiteboarding school in Nin near Zadar - an adventure with the elements of wind and water. Kitesurfing – in short embraces the feelings of lightness and weightlessness and combines action, sporting spirit and pure fun all in one.

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