Barefoot on the Rittisberg

Discover the ultimate barefoot fun for the whole family! The barefoot trail takes you and your kids on a fascinating hike over more than 30 different types of ground. From smooth marble to fragrant forest floor, from soft sand to crunching gravel - here you will experience a real feast for your feet!

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Planai & Hochwurzen

Planai mountain is not just a winter sports paradise. Hiking, mountain biking and much more ensure unforgettable experiences.

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Downhill Disc Golf

Who will win at Downhill Disc Golf and can solve the riddle questions at each station? Whoever proves their marksmanship deserves a large portion of ice cream at the finish line!

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E-Trial Park

In the middle of Hopsiland and only 5 minutes from the Planai gondola mountain station! Coordination, dexterity and courage are trained here when trying out the new sport on one of the 3 practice areas. Bikes are available from the age of 3.

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Bikepark Flowline

The flowline starts at the Planai mountain station and leads in an easy difficulty level to the middle station. Perfect for beginners and children can make their first runs in the bike park here, but experienced riders will also get their money's worth!

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The biggest trampoline in the Schladming-Dachstein Region: Reiteralm-XL-Jump. Fun for the whole family!

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Stroller Trail Reiteralm

Climbing the mountain is a cinch!

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River hiking

90 kilometres. 5 stages. 12 sections. A real insider tip for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts - and the best part? You don't hike, you paddle! 

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