Antelope Canyon inside view near Falkensteiner Hotels

Tailor made Spa experiences

Take care of yourself even on holiday, and do it with our attentive support. Acquapura SPA is a space designed to take your mind off daily life, discreet and on a human scale. It immediately gives you the impression of being in a place where you can take a long break from everyday life and return to full strength and balance. The protective environment and the safe advice of our SPA team will help you embark on a journey that will ultimately make you feel serene and weightless in a way you have never felt before. Between classic and specific treatments, here you can restore your balance, living with greater awareness your relationship with the sun and the elements of local nature.

A palm tree in the garden of Falkensteiner Hotels
Calabria equals well-being

Essences, perfumes, odours. Mediterranean herbs and their properties. Calabria is a land of wellbeing that offers a slow lifestyle, unspoilt nature and healthy, clean air. With its privileged position in the heart of the Mediterranean, it boasts a tradition of wellness linked to ancient traditions.

The couple having a romantic massage at Falkensteiner Hotels
A private and safe environment

With our Acquapura SPA philosophy, we offer you an environment designed to meet your needs for rebalancing and regaining strength, reserved and stimulating, with staff who will help you return to everyday life at your best and in top condition.

Lady relaxing in the pool at Falkensteiner Hotels
Correct interaction with sun and sea

We know how much you want to spend days sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Natural atmospheric agents are elements that contribute to our well-being, but you should interact with them consciously. You can always turn to the team at our Acquapura SPA for advice and also for suggestions on products or treatments that help you regain your balance after an intense day at the beach.