Strenght lies in peace

If your body and mind are in sync, you will find your inner balance and deep relaxation. Retreat from the hectic life and take some time off. With the holistic concept of yoga you will feel how blockades disolve and gain a serenity, which recreates your inner balance. Let positive engergy in and let go of stress. At our Falkensteiner yoga retreats, you will experience the feeling of clarity and balance like never before. We make sure that you have the freedom to concentrate completely on yourself. Recharged with new energy and mental inspiration you will start your day with strength and confidence. Namasté!

Yoga - as multimaceted as you

Find the perfect yin to your yang

Some yogis prefer activity, others meditation. No matter what you prefer, at Falkensteiner we have yoga classes for everyone! Feel the energy at Vinyasa Yoga or find your inner balance and serenity with Yin Yoga. For those, who want to experience something completely new, we offer celtic Wyda Yoga, by which your engergies will flow in sync with nature.

Mindful timout

Our yoga packages for your well-being: retreat, event, everyday classes

Yoga retreat

Take your time! A varied programme with lots of workshops and courses are waiting for you.

Yoga event

Enjoy your day in balance with diverse Falkensteiner yoga events.

Everyday yoga

Treat yourself with a balancing yoga session of our daily-yoga-programme!