Regulations for events - comes into force from 25.10.2020

As of 23/10/2020

Note that because of the particular Covid19 situation, the Austrian authorities have issued specific regulations for events. These regulations apply also to the hotel & catering sector in Austria and must be taken into account in all Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, when hosting events.

Current measures

Indoor events without allocated and reserved seats for more than 6 persons are prohibited. Outdoor events are allowed for 12 persons.

Events with more than 6 or 12 people may only take place with allocated seats and must be reported to the health authorities. Organisers must "draw up and implement a prevention concept". For officially approved events, the limit for indoor events is 1,000 persons, and 1,500 outside.

For events lasting longer than three hours, the normal catering rules apply. In the case of events where food and drinks are typically served, food and drinks may be served at the seat.

At all times a minimum distance of two metres must be kept (with the exception of persons from the same household) and FFP2-mask must always be used in public areas except when seated in the allocated seat.

Coffee breaks can only be consumed at the seat and must not be taken in the immediate vicinity of the issuing desk.

The refreshments must not be consumed whilst standing or at the bar.

FFP2-Mask is to be worn in the entire hotel area.


Important facts

The organiser assumes liability.
Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences are happy to assist you with the implementation of a smooth running and safe event.

In general: Keep a minimum distance, wear FFP2 mask, wash hands, air the premises sufficiently.

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