Active & Sports Winter

The most beautiful stop-over is at your hotel: in addition to powdery snow and sunshine, your winter vacation at a Falkensteiner hotel offers a wealth of hospitality, wellness, and culinary delights to round off your personal winter getaway to the wonderful mountains of Austria and South Tyrol.

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The stage is the world

Far out!

When the slopes are covers with fresh snow, then it is time to get out your snowboard or your skis. Certainly you can't wait as well to get the ski lift, slide down the mountain and to enjoy the wintery scenery. Dusting up the powdery snow while you sldie down the slopes with elegent glides - what a feeling!

Mountain lovers

One slope, endless possibilities

The first snow is falling and the slopes are calling: Your skis are on your shoulders or your snowbaord under your arm. Excited you are waiting for the ski lift to reach the top, because there is no greater fun than speeding down the mountain into the valley! Or maybe you prefer cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. No matter what your preferations might be, this holiday will be remarkably sporty!

More Fun on the Slopes

Enjoy the mountain panorama in downhill position

Action in powdersnow

We make your skiing holidays an unforgettable experience! The perfect location of our hotels plays a big part in that. Standing on the slope, you feel as if it is yours alone. You feel the adrenaline in your body, while running down the mountain. Once you reach the valley, you can't wait for the lift to take you back up. This is how skiing should feel like!

Ready, set, snow!

Off to your next adventure!

Enjoy the snowy landscape and leave the first snowshoe track on the fesh snow.

Freedom on runners

Do your laps surrounded by the pristine scenery and crisp air.

Falkensteiner Hotel Sonnenalpe Ski Attractions

Winter sports for connoisseurs

Slide down the slopes and ejoy the tranquility of the marvelous winter landscape.

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Your first skiing adventure

Young or old - our team helps you with your first turns in the snow or puts on the finishing touches on your

Perfectly equipped

What makes a skiing day unforgettable? Aside from all the fun, also the right material under your feet!

Be part of the snow flurry

Letting the snow flakes dance

Enyoing the slopes together - that's essential for every family winter holiday . Nothing brings more joy and fun than conquering the mountain together. Downhill skiing and slope fun are the highlights of every ski-day. But the end of skiing season does not mean the winter season is over! Skate over the ice, spin pirouettes and give a new meaning to the term "ice age", while enjoying the ice rink together with your loved ones.

Premium rush

This is what freedom feels like!

Your skis under your arm, your eyes are roaming over the snowy slopes - what a way to start your day! You experience one rush of adrenaline at the other, you conquer the mountain in downhill position and let off steam. While you are waiting for the lift, you take a deep breath and you take in the beauty of the panorama around you. Feel the power of freedom on the slopes!

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