A woman doing yoga outdoors at Falkensteiner Hotels
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Yoga with Katharina Schüler

soft, flowing, opening

for beginners
for everyone who has had a busy day
for those who want to go deeper

Keep hearing about yoga and its health benefits? Yoga is designed to help you calm down. Yoga is designed to help you relax. Sounds good, but somehow you don't dare to get on the mat because you're too unstretched and can't do it anyway. If you have such thoughts, this course is ideal for you! Together we will explore the yogic world and different asanas (postures) and look at the health benefits. We delve into the world of meditation to learn how to quiet our mind.

This unit helps you to become calmer and more relaxed with flowing movements. We move our body, stretch and stretch in all directions and thereby mobilize our spine. We flow through this unity with slow movements.

The asanas (postures) are explained in more detail, making the course suitable for beginners and for everyone who can never get enough of the basics of yoga.

There is no such thing as too unstretched, too unsportsmanlike, too restless. As Peter Clifford, a famous yoga teacher, said: "'To say you're too stiff to do yoga is like saying you're too dirty to take a bath.' So go ahead and dare!

Katharina Schüler welcomes you to Schlosshotel Velden every Sunday from 9.00 a.m.
Registration via the SPA reception at: spa.velden@falkensteiner.com
We welcome everyone. Guests who do not stay at the hotel or enjoy a stay at the day spa pay a price of € 18.00 per unit.