View of Cagliari near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences


Cagliari is a mix of cultures, sea and sun that blends into an unparalleled natural scenery. So many reasons to go and discover it.
Thanks to its mild and temperate climate, which makes it an ideal destination all year round, Cagliari summarizes in its historic districts: Castello, Villanova, Marina e Stampace, the influences derived from the various dominations suffered throughout history.

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Sea View near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences


For exploration lovers, it's time for snorkelling with all of the equipment provided on board.

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Horse Riding near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Horse Riding

If you would like to try the feeling of a spectacular excursion, we do have something for you!

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Jeep Drive near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Between Sea and Mountain

A jeep tour is allowing you to discover the natural beauty of the southeast coast of Sardinia.

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Mirto Liquor near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Spirituosen von Sardinien

Out of all of Sardinia’s flavours, there is a special position reserved for its signature liqueur: il Mirto.

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Nuraghe at Barumini near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Nuraghe at Barumini

Barumini is a village that houses the nuragic complex "Su Nuraxi", the best preserved of the island. Su Nuraxi of Barumini has recently been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Bastone of Saint Remy near Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences

Bastione of Saint Remy

The landmark of the city is the vibrant bastion in the historic quarter of Cagliari.

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Villasimìus is a small town where the scent of the sea can be felt at every step in the streets and in the houses. The sun embraces the low houses surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, where the scent of the sea blends with that of myrtle, juniper and helichrysum.

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South-east coast

The south-east coast of Sardinia from Villasimius to the area of Arbatax is a succession of breathtaking landscapes, coves and inlets, where the thousands of shades of the sea mingle with the blue sky.

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Nearby beaches

Villasimius is certainly among the most famous destinations in Sardinia especially for the beauty of its beaches.

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Giara Park

Located 15 minutes from the site of Barumini, this plateau of 4500 hectares consists of a base of marl and sandstone dating back 20 million years.

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San Sperate

A town/museum located twenty kilometers from Cagliari in southern Sardinia, San Sperate is famous for its murals, "sound stones", cultural vibrancy, and freshly grown produce, including peaches.

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The archaeological site of Nora is located in an ideal position, overlooking three beautiful bays.

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