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Iron Man 

The Ironman Triathlon on Lake Wörthersee is a true showcase of human endurance and determination. Every year, participants from all over the world travel to Carinthia to test their skills and push their limits on this challenging course. The swim takes place in the crystal clear waters of Lake Wörthersee, with breathtaking views of the Karawanken. The bike course is a challenging 180 km journey that demands a lot from the athletes. The 42.2 km run is a strenuous test of endurance where the athletes must dig deep and summon the strength to complete the stage.

The Ironman Triathlon on Lake Wörthersee is an event not to be missed, whether you are an athlete, a spectator or simply a sports lover. The atmosphere is electrifying, thousands of fans and participants cheer on the competitors and make for an unforgettable experience. Make a note of 3 July 2023 and be part of the sporting spectacle in Carinthia and cheer along with thousands of other fans and participants.

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