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Prevention & Regeneration

Holistic MedSpa concepts for your health

We are all at the mercy of daily threats to our inner balance - often, everyday life can wear away at our nerves and energy reserves, our health has taken a battering and the call of body and mind for a lasting turnaround can hardly be ignored. This is where we come in: In addition to our high-quality wellness services, we offer a holistic health concept in selected hotels for the prevention or regeneration of physical ailments and emotional burdens. With medical professionals, we work to sustainably increase your well-being again and help you to lead a conscious and mindful lifestyle.

After a well-founded diagnosis and under medical supervision, you can expect numerous treatments as well as individual programme points from the areas of wellness/medical spa, sport, nutrition and mindfulness. Exercise in nature, mental training and targeted coaching sessions as well as wholesome, enjoyable cuisine form a holistic setting in which you can slow down and relax your body and mind. Effective therapies and a ritualisation of your everyday life are designed to provide lasting help in integrating what you have learned into your daily life in order to achieve a lasting feel-good effect, vitality and holistic health.

Health prevention

for lasting well-being

The health programmes provided under medical supervision in the Falkensteiner MedSpas stand for modern prevention, comprehensive diagnostics and effective therapies with a holistic approach. The individually tailored system captures a person in their entirety across the areas of body, mind, emotion and soul, and supports ritualisation of everyday life by means of a "learning health vacation". The aim is to implement the learnings in daily life in order to achieve a lasting feel-good effect, vitality and balance.
These factors have been proven to help prevent health problems. In addition to a detailed self-evaluation with regard to one's own physical and emotional goals and inner compass of values, workshops and coaching from trained medical and therapeutic specialists contribute to long-term maintenance of good health.

Deceleration & Wellness Offers