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Prevention & Regeneration

Holistic MedSpa concepts for your health

We are all at the mercy of daily threats to our inner balance - often, everyday life can wear away at our nerves and energy reserves, our health has taken a battering and the call of body and mind for a lasting turnaround can hardly be ignored. This is where we come in: In addition to our high-quality wellness services, we offer a holistic health concept in selected hotels for the prevention or regeneration of physical ailments and emotional burdens. With medical professionals, we work to sustainably increase your well-being again and help you to lead a conscious and mindful lifestyle.

After a well-founded diagnosis and under medical supervision, you can expect numerous treatments as well as individual programme points from the areas of wellness/medical spa, sport, nutrition and mindfulness. Exercise in nature, mental training and targeted coaching sessions as well as wholesome, enjoyable cuisine form a holistic setting in which you can slow down and relax your body and mind. Effective therapies and a ritualisation of your everyday life are designed to provide lasting help in integrating what you have learned into your daily life in order to achieve a lasting feel-good effect, vitality and holistic health.

Health prevention

for lasting well-being

The health programmes provided under medical supervision in the Falkensteiner MedSpas stand for modern prevention, comprehensive diagnostics and effective therapies with a holistic approach. The individually tailored system captures a person in their entirety across the areas of body, mind, emotion and soul, and supports ritualisation of everyday life by means of a "learning health vacation". The aim is to implement the learnings in daily life in order to achieve a lasting feel-good effect, vitality and balance.
These factors have been proven to help prevent health problems. In addition to a detailed self-evaluation with regard to one's own physical and emotional goals and inner compass of values, workshops and coaching from trained medical and therapeutic specialists contribute to long-term maintenance of good health.

Forgetting time

Relaxation by deceleration

Are you also tired of rushing through your daily life and feeling tense and exhausted at the end of the day? Taking a break helps to get away from the fast pace and overstimulation and to focus on yourself again. At our wellness hotels you find the perfect circumstances to relax and regenerate with the little extra of indulgence. Leave the hectic world outside and gain new energy.

Acquapura Spa

The delicious sense of well-being

Nutrition & Deceleration

Nutrition is an important part in finding your inner balance. Slowing down in regards to your eating habits increases your well-being and helps you to focus on the things, which are most important to you. Therefore, excellent cuisine and a wide choice for you is our high priority. That way your meals become an essential supplement to your wellness holiday and give you the chance to relax thouroughly. Enjoy!

Find you inner balance with mindfullness

Balm for the soul

Through conscious attentiveness you will learn how to savor the joy of the moment! At Falkensteiner you find the perfect retreat, to sort your thoughts and to find your inner balance. A combination of meditation and body-centred exercises will help you, to gain new energy and inspiration for the challenges of your daily life. Concentrate on yourself alone, we take care of the rest!

Breath in. Breath out. Let go.

Find inner peace and gain new energy with yoga

Are you looking for moments of silcne and relaxation, to gain new energy? At Falkensteiner we offer you the perfect enviroment for your relaxed yoga holiday. Choose from a huge variety of yoga types and classes, from active to meditative. At our retreats in Austria and Croatia you will enjoy holistic relaxation and culunary delights in the midst of stunning nature or by the sea.


Deceleration & Wellness Offers

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