Residences on the palace grounds

The Schloss Velden Residences offer a place for you to call home where others “just” spend their holidays. People in search of relaxation come from around the world to experience an exclusive private atmosphere in these comfortable and luxurious apartments. A secondary residence right near the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden offers a special kind of refuge on Lake Wörther in Carinthia.

At the Schloss Velden Residences, you can enjoy five-star service day in and day out along with an open and transparent floor plan that is sure to impress you at first sight. Cosy relaxation areas invite you to sit back and enjoy yourself in front of an open fireplace, as the crackling fire creates a soothing atmosphere for you to gaze out at the lush green park stretching away into the distance. Premium materials and perfect lighting give these luxury residences a sophisticated touch – for greater quality of living and an upscale lifestyle not only on holiday, but each and every day of the year.


Highlights of the Schloss Velden Residences

•    About 40 luxurious apartments with 140–500 sq m
•    Exclusive service including a proper "residences team"
•    Additional services at the legendary Schlosshotel Velden
•    Located directly within the romantic palace grounds in Velden


If you purchase one of about 40 Schloss Velden Residences, you can look forward to first-class service with proper Residences Team as well as the spacious Acquapura SPA wellness area spanning 3,600 sq m at the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel. 


Five-star living space at the Schloss Velden Residences

Each of the Schloss Velden Residences has at least 140 sq m of living space. The rooms contained in the various buildings and the villa are absolutely extraordinary, with a modern ambience integrated perfectly into the historical framework. Live like royalty in the midst of a vast park spanning 6.5 hectares. Made of the best materials and featuring modern architecture, the Schloss Velden Residences are attracting visitors from around the world, who will soon gain a second home directly on Lake Wörther.

For additional information about purchasing an apartment, please visit the website of Living Deluxe.