Food for kids


Dining just like Mum and Dad: We serve starters, main courses, and deserts in a lovely assembled kids menu each day. We pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the products we choose, their healthy and nutritional content, and providing a lot of variety for our dinners. A slice of pizza or a Wiener Schnitzel may be allowed from time to time on special occasions. From carrots to pizza, from 11 months to 14 years old: All age groups can enjoy Falky’s culinary delights.

Falky-Restaurant is built to the height of the children's eye and is designed with careful attention to the smallest details: tables and benches to children’s height, handmade decorations in our Falky-Land. We offer a special breakfast for children and a buffet for an independent use. During moments of assistance, drinks for children are included. You will find fresh mineral water but also some natural and healthy apple juice.


Our little guests have the choice: children can decide where and what to eat. We offer the following possibilities:

  • Eating together with the parents and ordering from the adults menu
  • Eating together with the parents and serve yourselffrom the Falky-Buffet
  • Eating together with the other children at the Falky-Restaurant


Did you know? New daily menu for small children from the ages of 11 months to 3 years old. Our à la carte baby food allows parents to choose what their little ones will be eating one day in advance and then enjoy the feast together. 

For children

Our cuisine for children is opened 24 hrs. It is equipped with a hot-plate, a microwave, a fridge and a heater and HIPP fruit pots. On demand we also offer vegetables, fresh pasta with or without sauce – our employees are happy to assist and help you.