National- & Nature-parks


The Kornati archipelago which area extends over 230 square kilometres, is the most beautiful group of islands of the Mediterranean coast which include about 150 uninhabited islands, islets and coves. As the largest and densest archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, Kornati are a combination of beautiful untouched nature, but also very valuable archaeological sites which history dates back to the remains of the Roman Empire. Because of the beauty, interesting geomorphology and the ecosystem, most of the Kornati archipelago was declared a National Park in the 1980s. On request it is possible to rent different boats with or without a skipper.


  • Boat ride on the coast near Zadar and the uninhabited islands
  • Swimming and diving in the sea
  • Walking around the island

Thanks to travertine barriers and the constant process of calcification, river Krka today, with its 7 travertine falls, represents a natural karst phenomenon which was proclaimed a National park in 1985. The most impressive waterfalls are Skradinski Buk and Roški Slap. Skradinski buk is among the most beautiful travertine waterfalls in Europe. You can also visit a small museum and an old mill. In this area you will also find a remarkable cultural monument - the Franciscan monastery on the island of Visovac. Visovac Island stands in the middle of a lake-like expansion of the Krka River, where the water have created a karst plateau, giving rise to the harmonious coupling of natural and historical heritage. You can visit the island with the Franciscan monastery, church and museum.

  • Visit the waterfalls - Skradinski buk
  • Hike and swim in the river and breathe fresh forest air
  • Boat trip to Skradin
  • Boat trip to Visovac
  • Visit town Šibenik

National Park Paklenica, includes the most attractive parts of Southern Velebit. Paklenica was declared a national park, due to various naturalscientific and other specifics. You can enjoy the touch of the sea and mountain in this vertical cut and deep canyons. There are several caves and a variety of flora and fauna in the somewhat small area of the park itself. The famous rock 'Anica kuk’ is the most popular destination for Croatian and foreign climbers. This excursion gives you the opportunity to make a long walk trough the park to the mountain lodge where we make a break.


  • Trekking tour through the Park to the mountain lodge
  • Visit of a cave inside the park
  • Variety of flora and fauna
  • It is possible to organize an additional Alpine climbing school

For millions of years, the water has carved its way through travertine rocks making deep lakes and waterfalls. It is the most known Croatian national park which since 1979 is in the UNESCO Register of World Natural Heritage. You can enjoy the long walk through the park and forest and get on board of electric boats to enjoy the indescribable blue-green colour of the lakes. This exceptional beauty of the lakes and waterfalls, rich flora and fauna as well as pure mountain colours attract many nature lovers from all over the world. This may be an unforgettable experience for you!


  • Visit the most famous Croatian National Park which is in the UNESCO Register of World Natural Heritage.
  • Hike on different routes
  • Boat ride during the visit

The Vrana Lake is an unusual connection of land and water which offers a refuge to different species of plants and animals, offering them all the necessity for life. The lake is unique for its position and characteristics not only in Croatia but also in other parts of Europe. It is in fact a karst valley filled with brackish water and is below sea-level. Hidden in the reed, bird lovers can experience watching the birds nesting. Vrana Lake is a hot-spot with tremendous diversity of ornithic fauna of 249 recorded bird species, of which 102 nest in the park area. The birds are not the only values of the park. The lake is full of biologically important fish species. This area possesses also many other special features which are discovered on a daily basis.


  • Bird watching
  • Trekking in the Nature Park Vrana - the largest lake in Croatia
  • Sightseeing point Kamenjak with the view on the Kornati islands