Did you know that Acquapura means “pure water”? And that the wellness worlds of Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences put their focus on the often-underrated element? Water is a source of energy, a tonic for your circulation and a metabolism booster that is also beneficial for your physical well-being. Are you ready for a wellness experience that touches all your senses?


A stay at a Falkensteiner Wellness Hotel is an all-encompassing experience for your senses, offering ultimate relaxation for body, mind and soul.

The following highlights will make your wellness dreams come true:

  • heavenly relaxation for adults at the Acquapura SPA
  • age-appropriate relaxation for young guests at the Falky Children’s Spa with special treatments for parents and children
  • After an exciting day of sightseeing or an interesting meeting, the Acquapura City SPAs of our Falkensteiner City Hotels are the perfect place to recharge your batteries.
  • Select hotels have a special Acquapura SPA & MED focused on prevention, regeneration and aesthetics.


To feel all happy and healthy, the cells of our body need to be supplied with enough fluids, nutrients and oxygen. Another aspect that greatly affects our vitality is our biorhythm. As our “inner clock”, it regulates phases of activity and rest and controls our sleep-wake cycle. These phases are affected by the day-night cycle and seasonal changes.


The human biorhythm is similar to the changing of the seasons and different for every holiday guest. That’s why our wellness treatments range from invigorating to relaxing and from nurturing to soothing. What’s more, select hotels await you with thematic SPAs ranging from South Tyrolean Mountain Wellness at Hotel & Spa Falkensteinerhof  to thalassotherapy at Hotel Adriana  in the Croatian region of Dalmatia. 

One thing’s for sure: At Falkensteiner Hotels, well-being and relaxation are always just around the corner.


Falkensteiner‘s Medical SPA concept is based on the principles of holistic medicine, which emphasizes the whole person and the connection of body, mind and spirit. It takes all three elements to be in harmony in order to feel balanced and happy. Consequently, every person is a unique individual that needs a unique treatment.

In line with this thinking, our Medical SPA concept is based on the three pillars of prevention, regeneration and aesthetics.   

Falkensteiner’s philosophy of Medical Wellness goes beyond the principles of academic medicine, focusing on prevention, harmonisation and supporting the body’s healing and balancing processes from a holistic point of view. This is not only achieved by holistic treatment methods, but also by a conscious lifestyle, a positive attitude and plenty of outdoor exercise. Another important aspect is aesthetics because you need to embrace yourself to shine from the inside.

Your next holiday takes you to Austria or the Czech Republic? Then the following Falkensteiner Hotels with Aqcuapura SPA & MED are the perfect place for you!

  • Schlosshotel Velden at Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia/Austria
    The 3,600 m² Acquapura SPA is an ideal place to find pure well-being and relaxation. The Medical SPA  offers a number of preventive and aesthetic treatments that leave nothing to be desired. 
  • Balance Resort Stegersbach in Burgenland/Austria
    From certified natural cosmetics  to special health and thematic offers – Balance Resort Stegersbach is the No. 1 place to pamper your body and mind!
  • Hotel Grand Medspa Marienbad  in the Carlsbad region/Czech Republic
    Soothing, individual and beneficial. Hotel Grand Medspa  is a perfect choice for therapeutic stays and relaxing holidays.


Are you ready for a relaxing getaway to a buzzing city like Prague or Bratislava? Then the Falkensteiner City Hotels are the perfect base for your next trip! All of them feature an Acquapura City SPA, where it’s easy to improve your work-life balance – no matter if you’re on business travel or a city trip with your loved ones.

Spend your days exploring the city or attending a business meeting and your evenings relaxing at the spa. And don’t miss out on our relaxing in-room treatments  that you can easily do yourself! 

Relax in the city

Belgrade, Bratislava or Prague – all of our Falkensteiner City Hotels are known for their urban atmosphere, excellent location and own Acquapura City SPA. The perfect combination for relaxing after an exciting day of sightseeing or doing business!


  • Hotel Belgrad: Täglich von 6:00 bis 22:00 Uhr geöffnet. Hier tauchen Hotelgäste im Acquapura City SPA in eine Welt der Entspannung ein. Im neunten Stock mit fantastischem Ausblick warten Sauna, Dampfbad, Ruheraum, zwei Massageräume sowie ein Fitnessbereich.

  • Hotel Bratislava: Relaxing with castle views? Not a problem thanks to City Hotel Bratislava’s unique location! Your business finished later than expected? Your Acquapura City SPA  is open daily from 07:00 to 23:00!

  • Hotel & Asia Spa Leoben: The name of your hotel in Styria, the green heart of Austria, says it all: with direct access to the adjoining Asia Spa Leoben , relaxation with a touch of Asia is just around the corner.

  • Hotel Maria Prag: The city of a hundred spires is not just a great choice for sightseeing but also for relaxing! Your hotel’s Acquapura City SPA is the perfect place to reminisce about your explorations and plan your next day in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Our tip for business travellers: Our “Relaxing Conference Minutes” are little breaks for body and mind – the perfect diversion for the next meeting with your business partners!


Wellness for young holiday guests 
Children as well as adults enjoy the special offers and treatments of the Falkensteiner Wellness Hotels.

With special training massages, the Falky Children’s SPA offers an additional highlight for the parents of babies and toddlers. Professional spa therapists will show you simple massage techniques that you can easily practice at home. This offer is directed at parents of children aged four and younger. 

Three to ten-year-old holiday guests enjoy a special spa programme with an oriental touch. Before every treatment, your therapist will define the massage’s purpose together with you and your child. No matter if your kid is lively or quiet, extroverted or shy – the treatment will be tailored exactly to his or her needs, making it a soothing experience for body, mind and soul.

The Falky Children’s Spa offers a great number of treatments tailored specifically to the needs of children, ranging from the “Falkino” parent-child massage to Falky’s herbal experience and the “Skater Hero” full-body massage. Your children are guaranteed to love it!  

Hotels with a Falky Children’s Spa in Austria
If you spend your well-earned holidays in Austria, you can look forward to many things: to breathtaking landscapes offering ample opportunities for fun activities. To Falkensteiner Hotels offering all you need for an unforgettable stay. And to family-friendly service from the moment you arrive to the moment you go back home.

Ski meets wellness: The following Falkensteiner Hotels are a great choice to combine your ski holiday with a bit of heavenly relaxation – for Mummy, Daddy and the little ones.

  • Hotel Sonnenalpe on the Nassfeld in Carinthia: 1,700 m² Acquapura SPA  with Falky Children’s Spa , baby pool and more.
  • Hotel Cristallo on the Katschberg in Carinthia: water, hay, aromatic herbs and the Carinthian mountain world are the soothing ingredients of a stay at the hotel’s  Acquapura SPA  with Falky Children’s Spa.  
  • Club Funimation on the Katschberg in Carinthia: It’s all about the little ones! The Falky Children’s Spa offers lots of treatments for young holiday guests. In the meantime, the parents can relax at the 2,000 m² Acquapura SPA

Feel-good holidays in Croatia

Summer, sun, Croatia! If you spend your family holiday in this southern European holiday destination you can look forward to a number of highlights: Mediterranean zest for life, mild temperatures, long beaches … the list goes on and on! Croatia is also a great place for family holidays, offering perfect preconditions to get away from the everyday life – which can be quite stressful for the little ones as well.

Wellness meets beach feeling: The following Falkensteiner Hotels in Croatia are sure to get adults as well as children into the holiday mood.

A relaxing family holiday in Italy

 In the mood for a bit of dolce vita? Then off you go to Italy – and don’t forget to bring the family! After all, Italy offers countless highlights for all ages, best enjoyed in the wonderful setting of a Falkensteiner Hotel of your choice. You can’t wait to go to Italy? Then what are you waiting for?

Dolce Vita meets wellness… if you spend your well-earned holiday at a Falkensteiner Hotel with Falky Children’s Spa. The perfect getaway for the whole family!

  • Family Hotel Lido Ehrenburgerhof in South Tyrol/Italy: With an impressive 2,000 m², the hotel’s Acquapura SPA also features a Falky Children’s Spa  ,where the kids can relax on their own or with their parents.  

Are you ready for a wellness holiday that will touch all your senses? A wellness holiday that leaves no wish unfulfilled? And a wellness holiday that you will remember for a long time?